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Why being cautious is sensible

Feb 7, 2017 | Emerging Trends

There is a time a place for most things and at the present time being cautious, certainly in terms of your investments is wise. The last twelve months have seen some big and unexpected changes with Britain voting to leave the European Union and political novice, Donald Trump winning the US election. As yet it is too early to establish what impact these two events will have on the world but this does lead to uncertainty – something that investors simply don’t like.

It is very hard to say what investments will and won’t perform over the next twelve to twenty-four months but history tells us that gold and property are sound investments in times of uncertainty. These may not be the most exciting or inspiring types of investment but they are wise choices when being cautious. Both gold and property should make up a percentage of your investment portfolio but a sensible financial advisor will tell you to diversify as much as possible.

When you are looking to invest in property whilst at the same time as being cautious it perhaps pays to look at all the options that are available not only in your ‘home’ country but also overseas. If we assume that the property is used for investment purposes and by that we mean it will be generating an income in the form of rent then it always pays to think outside the box. Whilst it is definitely possible to generate good returns in the UK and the US, you could probably get better returns overseas with 10% p.a. certainly not unrealistic.

Why being cautious is sensible
Why being cautious is sensible


One attractive investment that is catching the eye of many investors is available from the New Nordic Group in Thailand. They are currently offering a 10% p.a. rental guarantee for periods of anything from five to twenty years. This is an excellent return especially when you consider that the group will manage the property on your behalf and this includes finding tenants. In fact, it doesn’t matter if your individual unit is rented or not, you will still receive your monthly ‘rent’ payment as your deal is with the developer not the end user.

This type of deal is bound to raise a few eyebrows, after all it is extremely attractive which will undoubtedly make some people sceptical. The beauty of this scheme is that it has been in operation for a decade and is perfectly setup to benefit both the developer and the investor.

The developer sells their properties therefore gaining their return and the rental guarantee is an attractive carrot for investors. Both parties achieve their financial targets as bookings are guaranteed months or even years in advance from both domestic and international tour operators.

In fact, the scheme is so well established and managed that in order to meet all obligations only minimal occupancy levels are required. This once again reduces the risk which will appeal to cautious investors whilst at the same time offering a return far in excess of typical returns.

This really is an excellent investment for the cautious investor and one that should be considered as part of anyone’s investment portfolio.


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