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Want to invest in property but don’t know where to start? Let Emerging Trend Advisors assist you!

Apr 5, 2017 | Emerging Trends

Investing in property is something that lots of people want to do and, maybe like you, don’t know where to start. The investment property sector is without don’t a very profitable industry globally but knowing where to invest and which products can be a potential minefield. This is particularly true if you are unfamiliar with the country never mind the fact that you have no previous experience when it comes to investing in investment properties. This is when finding the right company to use is essential.

Emerging Trend Advisors (ETA) have their headquarters in Pattaya, Thailand and the name is perhaps a new one. However, the team behind ETA are certainly not new to the industry, Pattaya or indeed Thailand. They have come together to form arguably the best team of focused wealth accumulation advisors who recommend products that are property backed. Those involved come from as far afield as the UK, China and Russia as well as speaking a range of European languages. This is company that has morals and believes in building long-term, professional relationships.

Building for the future


ETA listen to what you are interested in achieving, what your financial goals and objectives are, as well as your own personal circumstances. They appreciate that this is not an industry where you will find a ‘one-size fits all’ solution. Profit is NEVER placed before a client’s needs and building mutual trust and understanding is far more important. This is a company that believes in only using well established brands, companies that you would be happy to deal and invest with and have the same high standards as you.

Due diligence is always carried out by the company’s experienced Thai lawyers and this continues prior to any agreement being agreed or signed and continues until long after the sales process has been completed. ETA have very strict rules and criteria that must be met before projects and companies can even be considered for inclusion in their ‘recommend properties’ portfolio. These criteria include but is not limited to the following rules:

• A long standing, proven track record dating back a minimum of 5 years
• They must have completed a least 5 SUCCESSFUL projects
• The business plan will need to be sound and will be checked and questions asked
• Local political and economic conditions will need to be stable and strong
• All information will have been check and a full due diligence report will be prepared by their lawyers

Although ETA has its headquarters in Pattaya, the company can recommend other projects in Thailand as well as some in other countries in ASEAN through their wide network of global partners and affiliates. The one condition is that the projects must fit the guidelines that ETA believe in so vehemently.

The majority of projects that are currently available are in Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui and are with the large hotel management companies including Amari, Best Western, Centara, Holiday Inn and many more to come. Some smaller concerned are also recommended but they must satisfy the stringent checks that ETA conduct. Anything that is recommended will have had the appropriate level of due diligence conducted on it.

The projects that ETA is recommending at present pay superb returns with the lowest return starting at an impressive 7% p.a. guaranteed for five years. The best performing investment is paying 15% p.a. for a guaranteed period of 20 years. These are extremely impressive considering the fact that the investments are very safe and with household names that have huge financial backing themselves.

So, if you are looking to invest in property but don’t know where to start, let ETA assist you and you can build a long lasting, fruitful relationship.

Up to 15% Returns on Investment

Fixed return investments fully backed by properties.

*15% p.a. paid at the end of the term on capital gain option*


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Flexible Terms

3 year investment plan, ideal for first-time investors.

Flexible Payment Options

Option to receive interest payments monthly or quarterly.

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