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When valuing residential properties, we do them ourselves using the following method:

We need to find out the following details: 

  • The Current Market Sales value
  • The Current Market Rental value
  • The Standard the Property is kept
  • The Value of the furniture
  • The Floor
  • The Ownership Quota
  • The View
  • The Legal fees
  • Maintainace fees
  • How Rentable the property is
  • How Sellable the property is

We start by filling out an application form with all the details of your property.

Found here on our website: Manage my Investment Property

We know that looking at the portal only is not enough. As a tactic, local agents often post listings with false prices.

These listings are placed to attract clients or to manipulate the true value of properties.

Listing reference: https://www.hipflat.co.th/en/listings/chonburi-condo-gceryayv

We do use the listings portals, but you need to look into them a little more than you might think. 

Once we have all the relevant information we will make a report and perspective offers. 

If you feel that we are valuing things incorrectly, then please get in touch with us, and we would be more than happy to take on any constructive criticism you might have.
“Please CONTACT US! to speak to one of our Investment Consultants.”

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