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Thailand is to become the most Pro-Cannabis Country in Asia

With the Thai King’s recent decree bringing Asia’s first medical marijuana law into force, advocates for the drug see it becoming a new cash crop for export.

Full legalisation of marijuana is a manifesto pledge of one of the political parties contesting the country’s upcoming general election.

In Thailand, the seeds of a cannabis awakening are beginning to grow as restrictions on the plant lessen.

While the country has been one of America’s biggest allies when it comes to the War on Drugs, the conservative military-run nation is beginning to peel back the harsh anti-pot laws and opening the doors to medical research.

Thailand has a long history with the plant, where the words “bong” and “ganja” originated, which is also very much intertwined with our American history with the plant. In December, it became the first country in Asia to legalise medical marijuana.

Citing the success of the western push to legalise cannabis both monetary and medically, Thailand is currently in a race with Malaysia to become the centre of marijuana in Asia.

What is Thailand doing?

While steps are being made toward legalisation, they are baby steps.

Almost every country in Asia has been firmly against cannabis for decades, with many countries following the lead set by America for the War on Drugs. Being caught with the drug can mean a hefty fine or severe jail time, depending on the amount.

Thailand has walked toe to toe with America in the War on Drugs, with the country having the most extensive prison system in the region, and 70 percent of the inmates jailed on drug crimes.

However, times are changing, and now cannabis is considered to be “a top priority” by the Thai government, which is seeking to create “world-class cannabis” for use. 

Last December, the country quietly allowed medical marijuana research to begin in the country. The vote was unanimous, showing a change in temperament in the country and the region.

Policymakers in the country are saying that a global shift in legislation has to lead in no small stigmatization in the country, while others point to America’s weakening influence on the land.

Another big push for the plant is coming from the big payday expected.

“It will wake up the agricultural industry in Thailand,” Chokwan “Kitty” Chorpaka, a Thai activist, tells PRI. “We’re that country that loves to promote cash crops: rice and rubber and palm oil. Cannabis is just another cash crop that they want to bring in and stimulate the economy.”

The plant grows well in the nation, which is well suited for year-round growing and vast amounts of land.

Currently, the country has a medical marijuana system that will treat cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, epilepsy and more in the beginning. Research centres looking into more possible benefits are also being set up in the country.

Scientists in the country have already come up with a series of products aimed at helping reduce pain in those suffering, including THC-infused wafers, massage oils, a nasal spray and a powder that mixes up some of Thailand’s most notable spices.

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