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will be Producing, Processing, and Exporting

Medical Cannabis Products

Invest in Medical Cannabis with

We are partnering Thailand’s Largest University in the worlds fastest-growing multi-billion dollar industry.

What makes Thailands potential in this industry so great?

Over 50% of the world’s population is a 5-hour flight from Thailand.

Because of the one baby policy in China, the average age on the side of the world is higher than ordinary, meaning more potential users of medical cannabis products.

The new port being developed with the EEC enables the exporting of this product to be efficient on a global scale

The climate in Thailand provides perfect conditions to grow Cannabis.

ETA’s tie-up with Top University in Thailand, means we have a bank of resources that is unrivalled by any of the biggest players currently in the industry.

The land bank that we potentially have access to for growing is humongous.

Pie chart showing 60% of the worlds population is in Asia compared to only 5% in North America, that’s 12 times as much potential over this side of the world.

This graph shows that over the next 2-3 decades the average age of the Asian population is set to increase dramatically.

The average age of a patient being prescribed medical cannabis products in the US is 47.6 years old. However the increase in patients between 50 and 64 years old was 73% last year, and the level on consumption in the over 65 category rises significantly.

There is no doubt that the products produced from cannabis are helping with the various aches, pains and other conditions that are naturally associated with age.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6024284/#!po=0.819672

The cannabis industry is already a 10 billion dollar industry in North American alone, with the rate of growth only accelerating.

It is estimated that in North America alone the industry could be worth as much as 20 billion dollars a year.

Emerging Trends Advisors have formed a great partnership with Top University in Thailand, to realise Thailand’s potential and to turn the Kingdom into the Centre of the Medical Cannabis Industry.

This Top University in Thailand is the Largest University, and the primary focus is Agriculture, but they also invest considerable resources in medical research. When you look at the criteria that go with the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes, in which must be met to be granted a license, This Top University in Thailand is the leading player in Thailand, with all the resources needed to operate on a scale not currently reached globally.

It is no secret that Thailand looks after itself first. Foreigners are very much a secondary concern and the government are making sure that this industry is protected even more than usual, which shows you exactly how much it’s being valued. The Government have decided to restrict foreigners to a maximum of 33% equity in this industry a reduction from the standard 49%.

At least there is an option for 33% because the Government understand that to maximise the potential here, it would be foolish not to leave room for some experienced foreign entity to come in and add value and experience.

Emerging Trends Advisors have secured a partnership with Top University in Thailand with the hope of being granted the following licenses:

Research and Development
Import and Export

Moreover, the objective of this is to Produce, Process, Develop and Supply Cannabis-based medicines globally.

The Investment Opportunity

There are multiple other products that can be produced from the parts of cannabis not needed for medical products.

As we have moved through the process to give ourselves a chance of obtaining a cannabis license we have been learning more and more about the industry and with that knowledge comes a realisation of the potential this opportunity brings.

We are only now at the point where obtaining a licensee has a high chance of becoming a reality, so now we are starting to focus on this project more.

We are fully aware that to maximise the enormous potential, we need to put the right people in place.

There is so much more to this though and although we can help with the sales and marketing later on and the funding initially we at ETA know our limits and would never try and take on something of this magnitude without any experience.

We are looking for the right team members and partners before we can even think of strategising and delivering a full business plan with forecasts that have any substance to them.

We don’t want to rush this also. So it’s for this reason that we are initially looking to raise money and put up our Real Estate assets as security.

We are only looking to raise a limited amount, so this opportunity isn’t open-ended. The funds will be used to ensure that, we maximise the opportunity we are presented with.

We aim to attract the most experienced foreign talent and expertise available.

The strands of cannabis that produce the most effective and in-demand medicines are patented so unless or until we are providing the strands we need to be open to the idea of cultivating patented strands to process the right products to enable the business to be feasible.

The market is only just opening up, and we know that the competition will be fierce so to prepare accordingly and to give us the best chance of seeing this through we are looking to bring in investment at this infant stage.

Although nothing is set in stone, it is defiantly being looked into doing an IPO sometime next year with this to follow in the footsteps of the big players in the industry that have raised billions of dollars between them over the last few years. 

We have an exciting investment proposal to put forward, and if we are not approved a license, your money is secured by Real Estate.

ETA Medical Cannabis Seed Investor

Today we don’t have any licenses in place so any investment right now is made at substantial risk as we can’t guarantee our application will be successful at this stage.

So we want to offer an investment option that allows us to raise funds needed to give us the best chance possible but at the same time provide any investors with security that means suffering any financial loss is not possible.

We are offering an investment that is 100% backed by Real Estate.

By investing into ETA ASSET-BACKED INVESTMENT (ETA ABI) with our Medical Cannabis Exchange Option, you can book your place as a shareholder in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world with the extra added security that your capital is 100% safe.

On issuance of a Cannabis license, your investment can be exchanged for shares in the entity holding the licenses.

Please see further information here regarding how far forward we are with this project.

Currently, we are not in a position to give clarity on how the shares will be sold, at what value or provide any forecasts into the potential profits that may be generated.

So we would like to offer the following investment option to any interested parties.

Appendix to Investment Contract
Asset-Backed Investment (ETA ABI) Medical Cannabis Seed Investor Option

Principal InvestmentMinimum 50,000 THB
Term3 years 6 months
Return starting after 6 months7% Per year for 3 years
Payment Schedule36 x equal monthly payments of 0.583% of principal investment
TransactionPurchase of shares in ETA RE Pattaya
SecurityETA RE Portfolio equity owned by ETA and partners updated live here
IntermediaryMagna Carta


This Investment comes with the option to convert into Shares in the Entity that owns the licenses to produce Medical Cannabis in Thailand, of which Emerging Trends Advisors are in partnership with Top University in Thailand.

Company set up to apply for licenses

This move is part of our “Ethical Investment” Strategy adopted in 2017.

The first product we developed and invested ourselves heavily in to was the Aditya Group Bond which was used to restructure the debt for Aditya Group, saving them millions of dollars per year in interest payments.

Magna Carta is the legal entity we have put in the middle here, ensuring complete transparency, legalities and investor security.

They are an 18-year-old law firm based in Pattaya Thailand and are paid by ETA to act as an intermediary. 

Any money invested into this will be sent to Magna Carta before being forwarded to ETA only once the criteria regarding the Real Estate securing the initial investment is verified and in according to the terms agreed.

Please CLICK HERE to review the Employment Contract between Magna Carta and Emerging Trends Advisors.

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