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Securing your finances with a rental guarantee concept

Mar 20, 2017 | Emerging Trends

For most of us securing our long-term finances is a major objective. Investing in anything these days can be a hazardous business with uncertainty surrounding many markets. The returns that we could realistically expect a decade ago are just a distant memory with returns for most low to medium risk investments half what they were. Obviously, investors still want and need to beat inflation but this is frequently tempered by a desire to protect their capital.

Very few investments offer any guarantees so most look at investments that have historically performed well over the long term. Tangible assets are always popular with a general feeling of mistrust hanging over shares, even those in traditional blue chip companies. Investment properties are becoming increasingly popular as they offer excellent potential for capital growth whilst also offering rental returns. Finding investments that offer capital growth and an income are inevitably popular especially those that come with guarantees.

Securing your finances with a rental guarantee concept

Securing your finances with a rental guarantee concept


It is perhaps for this reason why we have seen a notable rise in the number of rental guarantee concepts that are appearing worldwide. As the name suggests, these schemes offer investors guarantees in the form of the return on investment (ROI) that they will receive and for how long they will receive them for. This obviously gives investors greater confidence when it comes to financial planning as well helping to secure their finances.

It is certainly fair to question what the benefit is to those offering these schemes however, on closer inspection it is very clear. The rental guarantee concepts are usually offered by developers or, as has recently be the case, hotels. They sell more units as their deals are attractive therefore reducing their financial burden whilst also gaining a return from the rental income. So, the investor gets their percentage and the developer gets to sell their properties and gain a rental income. A win, win situation.

Investing with a large, well-known 5-star hotel has some huge advantages. Firstly, these hotels only invest in prime locations and do more due diligence than is possible for your everyday person. The investor is simply making the most of their information and knowledge. On top of this the investors’ unit will be in a 5-star aand comes complete with all the benefits that you would expect. If you also include the fantastic financial backing these hotels can offer and the amount of marketing and pulling power that they naturally possess, a rental guarantee concept with them seems very, very secure.

Here in Thailand there are three notable offers available at the present time. The first is in Pattaya, with this particular scheme being in the already completed Amari hotel. The rental guarantee concept gives a guaranteed return of 5% p.a. for five years, impressive when compared to the returns offered by the banks. The projected returns in future years are expected to be above 8% p.a. and whilst not earth shattering – healthy returns from a very secure investment.

The other two schemes are available are on the island of Phuket in projects that are still under construction in the Best Western and Ramada hotels. The returns offered are slightly higher with guarantees of 7% p.a. for five years and then forecasted returns of above 10% p.a. in the following years.

Investing in these rental guarantee concepts is a great way to secure your financial future with the investments in 5-star hotels being the standout deals.


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