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Searching for financial independence?

Jan 4, 2017 | Emerging Trends

Financial independence is what most of us are desperately searching for and we are willing to look down all avenues and take endless risks to achieve it, but is it really the holy grail or so difficult to achieve?

Financial independence can be gained in a number of different ways, obviously through our earned income but the real goal that we are often searching for is a ‘passive income’. Passive income is what we earn by basically investing our monies into different things in order gain a return without really having to lift a finger. This can include things such as dividends from shares, investing in businesses as a silent partner or more likely owning an investment property from which you gain a regular monthly income in the form of rent.

Investment properties are gaining in popularity especially with those who are looking to gain more financial independence for a variety of reasons. In some countries, such as the UK, getting onto the property ladder can be very difficult for first time buyers so this creates demand for rental properties. In other countries, such as Thailand, there is an increase in demand for people looking for short term rental properties for holidays. These visitors are looking for alternatives to the hotels but still in well maintained and equipped premises.

The demand for these types of properties is forever on the increase and as a result local developers in places such as Pattaya are looking to build accommodation to meet this demand. In order to do this, they require investors so many are of these developers are currently putting packages together to encourage people to invest in their projects.

Whilst some offers are certainly better than others, one local developer the New Nordic Group is offering a 10% rental guarantee for periods of anything from 5 to 20 years. This may raise a few eyebrows at first but if we were to tell you that this developer had been offering this deal for around a decade you may feel more relaxed. Every monthly payment has been made on time and in full on every occasion proving that the concept is both attractive to investors and very sustainable.

The group already owns much of the land on which they are currently building or looking to build upon as well as having literally dozens of properties that have already been completed so occupancy rates required to meet all obligations are relatively low. This sound, tried and tested business model is the envy of many other developers in the city who have tried to emulate the model but without the infrastructure or the cash-flow.

New Nordic are an ideal example of a way to gain a passive income in a relatively risk-free environment. 10% p.a. returns, especially for low risk investments are almost unheard of these days so this would seem like the perfect investment to help you and your family gain the financial independence that you have always craved. After all, it isn’t that hard to achieve if you invest wisely in a concept that has a proven track record.


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