How we choose to work with you on your Investment is one that we take great care and pride in, and we are always focused on the interest of you, our client. Price and Profit are not our motivation, we want happy and repeat clientele.


From the very beginning at Emerging Trends Advisors (ETA), we have focussed on securing cash returns that are backed and guaranteed by Real Estate Acquisitions. We have experienced rapid success and attracted substantial financial backing.

The company is the brainchild of CEO, Mr David Simpson. He has developed his fundamental idea around affordable and profitable investments. He has successfully delivered a business model that is client focused, offering secure financial products for the investor of today, particularly relevant in this low-interest rate climate. Emerging Trends Advisors aspires to become “The modern day alternative to a high street bank”

Mr Simpson has set out to create a professionally led organisation of industry experts in property investing, asset management and wealth management to deliver secure investment opportunities to expatriate and local communities. This concept, to his belief, was something that was not available in the region. Over the past couple of years, he has realised his vision and placed it all under the guise of a successful investment company — Emerging Trends Advisors.

Our Partners

Over the many years of collectively developing and delivering on our core principles when Investing in the Real Estate and banking industries, ETA has managed to secure the financial and legal backing of some of the biggest Real Estate investors in the world who have some of the largest property portfolios such as:

RPMG Investments

owners of the Grosvenor Hotel in London amongst many other properties around the world. http://www.rpmg-investment.com/

The LK Group

have successfully been Pattaya’s leading hotelier for decades and currently have 22 operating hotels in Pattaya with over 6,000 rooms. All of our properties will be overseen and property management with the assistance of this successful local business group.

We use globally recognised and trusted Legal Associates such as KPMG and Magna Carta to offer secure, legal and honest confirmations of property ownership and ability that assets can be liquidated to ensure your return on Investment is secure.

We have our Investments valued by Internationally established companies such as CBRE and global banks such as HSBC to ensure that all values we offer are set by 3rd parties and not by us. These values can also be used as a means in which our clients can borrow against.   


This highly talented group of expatriates who have come together, under the guidance of Mr Simpson, have formed a cohesive team and have successfully built on his continually evolving vision, combining many different industries, assets, value and services. Making ETA unrivalled in its portfolio that it offers to its clients.

Our distinct team can cater to a range of nationalities, as it has personnel as diverse in their country of origin as they are in creativity and talent. Our team come from the United Kingdom, China, Russia and Thailand and they also speak several other European Languages.

We have in addition to this, our own Thai qualified legal team, to ensure that all necessary due diligence procedures, pre-sale and post-purchase, are complete to the most exacting standards.

Emerging Trends Advisors

100% Transparent, 100% Legal and 100% Honest.

Emerging Trends Advisors has worked tirelessly to develop a range of secure and profitable Investment Products for the Investor of today. We understand the need to ensure a competitive return on your investment without compromising your financial security, no matter the market climate of the country you wish to invest in with us.

We promise that any Investment we offer will be backed up by our own Real Estate assets that have been placed in escrow with reputable law firms. We are 100% honest.  

We promise that all information and documentation (unless otherwise opted out of) will be made fully available to our clients. We are 100% transparent.   

We promise that the total amount of money invested by our clients will never exceed the value of our current Real Estate Portfolio. All commitments made by our team are backed up by globally recognised, industry-leading companies such as KPMG, CBRE and Knight Frank. We are 100% legal.

Your Investment

We have an international Real Estate Investment Portfolio spanning four countries made up of every type of Investment option. Our clients will be safe in the knowledge that any investments offered are ones first and foremost, sourced for our partners. Our clients can be assured that our partners are all invested personally.

We pride ourself on working with only the most sought after brand names in the Investment sector. A key component of our property selection process is that a healthy return is always on offer using an assured return on Investment (ROI) contract in addition to the fact that our property management is of the highest international reputation. We are actively seeking to expand our portfolio to provide the maximum diversity of products, to assist in building and diversifying our client’s portfolio.

How we choose to work with you on your Investment is one that we take great care and pride in, and we are always focused on the interest of you, our client. Price and Profit are not our motivation, we want happy and repeat clientele.

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