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ETA Rental Guarantee product comes with 4 standard terms:


6% NET per annum
buy back Guarantee 100%


7% NET per annum
buy back Guarantee 110%


8% NET per annum
buy back Guarantee 125%


10% NET per annum
buy back Guarantee 150%

Emerging Trends Advisors (ETA) Rental Guarantee Product has entered into the market at a time where many other companies are offering a “Rental guarantee Product”. It is entirely unfair to these existing companies as they cannot compete with ETA. The conditions, in the local real estate market, enable us to purchase built properties for less than developers can build at, once the land value has been considered. We know, as we have a construction company of our own plus we utilise all of our resources within our group of companies and leverage anything and everything we can, to maximise our yield and your return on Investment.

“ETA Rental Guarantee” is undoubtedly set to become a market leader, in an industry worth billions of dollars every year globally, simply because this product, as an investment vehicle, will deliver the two main criteria most Buyers / Investors want, concerning their investments:

A guaranteed fixed, regular income and a guaranteed buy back option

We are the only company offering investment products of this type that not only secure your principle with a “Hard Title Deed” whose value is decided by a credible 3rd party but also this value can have borrowed against it and we will even lend you money against it.

To show our continued commitment, we decided not only would we offer credible security against your principle but that we would also offer you the option to take a real estate collateral against the return and the buyback. We have pledged our other real estate assets from which we operate our other businesses in an escrow arrangement and given the legal authority to an established lawyer making it their legal obligation to liquidate the pledged assets if we are ever 90 days in default in any of our agreed payments.

The “escrow agent” is legally bound to liquidate the assets and return the proceeds of the sale to the investors first. This makes ETA Rental Guarantee by far the most secure Rental Guarantee Product or Real Estate backed Fixed Return Investment product on the market today.

To learn more about our ‘Escrow’ Arrangement – please click here

How can we afford to pay such high returns?

The Truth is that it isn’t really a “Rental Guarantee”. It is a secured Investment offer with a fixed return. We can pay the returns we offer due to our trading activity. The real question you should be asking isn’t “How can we afford it?” – It is “How are my returns secured?” and the answer to this is, by further Real-Estate assets owned by ETA and their owners being placed with Magna Carta to secure our promises. We have literally put our house on the line to secure this Investment. All Investments are 100% Legal as per Thai Law. None of the Investment opportunities breaches the Thai short term rental laws.

Also within our group of companies we have:

 Real Estate agencies
 Construction companies
 Investment consultancies
 Marketing companies
 Food and beverage companies

In total, we employ over 4,000 people in Pattaya,

How is this relevant?

We have a diverse portfolio of companies, all of them adding benefit and value in different ways. Although the profits from our trading activity cover the “Rental Guarantee” payments, we also have properties to rent out making sure that we are maximising this aspect. We do this by utilising the combined resources of our group of companies which include:

Real Estate Agencies

These companies give us the following advantages:
70% savings on agents commissions for both selling at renting our properties.
No need to hire a legal assistant to process transfer or carry out due diligence.

We hear about properties becoming available at well under market value before others in most cases. We can instruct the sales reps to prioritise our properties over others.

The first Real Estate company was Love Pattaya Property,

Construction Companies

We have our machinery, trucks, cranes etc. We have our cement plant and with a full-time workforce of nearly 1,000 people. Our cost to construct is as cheap as it possibly could be. We can also buy empty shell properties and renovate them at a more competitive rate and in quicker time than anyone else.

Investment Corporations

Instant access to significant funds enables us to take advantage of the most distressed sales. Being able to raise large sums at a few hours notice sometimes presents opportunities to purchase assets as low as 20% of the market value. The ability to “crowdfund” enables us to achieve market value on even the largest assets. By setting up funds, we can package assets together resulting in increased combined value, allowing for optimum sales value to be achieved. 

The reasons stated above mean, on average we acquire properties at a price of approximately 30% below market value.

Marketing Companies

Another company founded by David Simpson, established in 2014 established and now considered Pattaya’s leading marketing company is Love Pattaya

In Pattaya, having a dominant position locally here is a crucial factor.  Marketing, in my opinion, is the single most vital element and is essential to the success of any business or product. Some of the best products in the world have failed as a result of poor marketing, and some of the worst outcomes in the world have become global brands through smart marketing.

Bitcoin is the best example of this. A concept which is great but is still at the idea stage after ten years and yet has managed to become a global phenomenon where trillions of dollars being spent buying absolutely nothing.

We are reaching over 100 million people a month through our combined market channels which consist of local TV, social media, websites, and we even have a presence in over 1,000 local businesses where we have a wealth of marketing material available.

We have agreements in place with both Indigo Air and Air China. On average it costs 1,600 THB per person from any city in India or China.

Last year we signed two contracts as we started to plan a very well funded marketing campaign. We are making 7 Bollywood movies which will be set in Pattaya, and the plot will be written so that we are showcasing everything Pattaya has to offer. This will then help us sell our Holiday packages. We have also agreed to produce a web series for Netflix which will be starting soon.

Our first movie was released on March 1st 2019 and was aired in the cinemas throughout the month receiving positive reviews.

Thai curry movie trailer

Please also see a pilot for the Netflix web series

We have also recently joined hands with https://www.bbexperiences.co again to make sure we have sufficient infrastructure in place to maximise the value and marketing of the properties.


LK Group is the most long-established hotel group in Pattaya with over 22 hotels now in every prime location in the city. With the LK Hotels plus the thousands of properties, we are in the process of acquiring; we are looking to turn the oversupply in the property market into a positive and grab hold of the rapidly increasing tourism market.

LK Hotels also have a marketing value as they have over 5,000 guests a night on average of which we can market in their rooms via TV adverts, magazine etc. The database acquired over decades of operating hotels in Pattaya is vast and is massively beneficial to our campaign and future growth.

We can also offer through LK Group’s established agent network; a self-serviced cheaper alternative to hotels enabling us to command a nightly rate which is five times higher than the price offered in normal circumstances.

Please see further details at LK Hotels website: https://www.lkpattaya.com/

Food and Beverage

We own multiple local restaurants and bars which enable us to package different products again together and offer that benefit in value to our clients meaning all-inclusive packages can now be launched. One concept that has been generated from our arrangement with local businesses is an “all-inclusive retirement investment package” that sees our clients receive returns in free rent and food.

As mentioned above, we employ over 4,000 people in Pattaya, and we also have hundreds of sub-agents. Our Rental Guarantee product means that for every investment, we have a property to leverage in the most profitable way possible. Our subagents are also offered as an extra incentive to push our properties.

We are now in a position whereby we can comfortably have 6,000 residential properties under management with an average occupancy of 80%. We have factored the value of this when “packaging” property with food and drink vouchers and offering them to our staff in return for reduced salary – all of these factors mean we would be achieving an average daily rate which is DOUBLE that of the long-term rental market.

Market Example: Public and ETA

Utilising our resources to the fullest makes a substantial difference on a short to medium term investment.
To demonstrate, see the following example which is subject to current market conditions, of which we list below:

Current market conditions

  • Saturated market
  • No sign of construction stopping
  • Occupancy rate below 30%
  • Rental rates dropping | Next 3-5 years
  • Capital depreciation more likely than capital gain
  • Occupancy rate likely to decrease further

One bedroom unit in the Cliff Condominium

Property Type: Condominium
Location:  Pratumnak Hill
Room Type: 1 bedroom
Size:  40 Sqm
Market Price  3,000,000 THB
Market Rental 15,000 THB

The financial data table below shows clearly:
Working with a direct owner or one of many agents will cost you 365,000 THB which would be a Negative ROI of 8.5% in 5 years.

Working with Emerging Trends Advisors using our products, connections and strategies profits 2,035,000 THB which would be a positive ROI of 93% in 5 years

We know that even in the worst market conditions that we can still yield very high returns which is why we are pledging our other real estate assets and our other businesses as extra security against our promises and guarantees. This additional security and the way it has been set up make our Rental guarantee product hard to beat, anywhere in the world.

We are confident enough in our product not only to secure your principal amount invested with a freehold title deed but to pledge further assets giving security to both the returns and any “Buyback Guarantees.” To find out the hows and why’s – Please see the ETA Rental Guarantee Feasibility Report here

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Emerging Trends Advisors Co., Ltd.
306/82 Moo.10,
Nongprue, Banglamung,
Chonburi 20150 Thailand

Get In Touch With
Our Consultants

We Will Respond To You Shortly

Emerging Trends Advisors Co., Ltd.
306/82 Moo.10, Nongprue, Banglamung,
Chonburi 20150 Thailand