Rental Guarantee

ETA Rental Guarantee with Buy back option.

All units will be sold at a price given by major Thai banks, from this price all figures for the renal guarantee and buy back amounts will be generated.ETA will place assets with the chosen legal firm once vetting selection has been completed to guarantee the following. 3rd party Legal partner will give assurances to the buyer that they are responsible to refund the clients the following amounts in the event that ETA failed to meet any of their commitments. Deposits are subjects to terms chosen. Rental Guarantee – this is a standard rental agreement and will be treated as such with the following deposits placed subject to the rental period.

Rental Guarantee Options

Learn About The Types Of Investment You Can Benefit From

3 years 8% return per annum net.

(buy back 90% of purchased property price for 3 year investment terms.)

5 years 7% return per annum net.

(buy back 100% of purchased property price for 5 year investment terms.)

10 years 6% return per annum net.

(buy back 130% of purchased property price for 10 year investment terms.)


How are we able to offer these terms?

All investments are 100% legal as per Thai law, none of the investment opportunities breach the the Thai short term rental laws.All properties are valued by either KPMG or Kasikorn Bank and sold at that valuation. No additional markup is added to properties.

Investments start from 1 million baht!

We have studio units in Novana Residence in Pattaya ranging all the way upto 30 million baht penthouse apartments in 5 star buildings with sea views. Other locations in Thailand including krabi, Phuket, Bangkok and many more are also available.Properties can be sourced subject to specified investment amounts as per a clients request.

Investments Start From 1 Million Baht!

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