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Emerging Trends Advisors Rental Guarantee offers an opportunity for investors to purchase a property at well under the market value and at the same time receive a real Rental Guarantee with ETA taking care of absolutely everything, leaving you with a completely secure investment that’s hassle-free. The returns and prices we offer include us taking care of all of the legal fees, for which we have appointed Magna Carta to process. Moreover, our returns are what we pay after we have already paid any of the costs associated with the upkeep of the property.

  • ETA sells properties at 30% less than the market average
  • We only sell fully completed properties
  • With investment terms from 3-15 years
  • Guaranteed returns up to 10% NET per year
  • With investment packages that can average at 15% per year
  • Pooled investments starting from only 50,000 THB
  • Third-party established lawyers appointed to confirm legalities
  • 14 days a year of free stay in one of our properties under management
  • Many other lifestyle benefits
  • Option to use an existing property or asset to purchase your investment
  • Property via “ETA Property Exchange” program.

See here a price comparison between us and the market averages. We have over 60 units available over these two projects.

City Center Residence

Elegance Cosy Beach

Terms Offered


We have appointed Magna Carta to handle the legal aspect of both the initial property transfers and also the ongoing taxes etc. throughout the investment period.

Who is Magna Carta?

MAGNA CARTA Law Firm opened their office in Pattaya, Thailand on 17th December 2003 with a team consisting of Barristers, Lawyers as well as Russian, German, English-speaking lawyers and consultants, enabling them to offer you first-class services in criminal and civil law, as well as in accounting and business planning. They have extensive knowledge and in-depth experience in the different fields of Law as well as in accounting and tax consultancy.

MAGNA CARTA is the leading law firm in Pattaya and Eastern Seaboard you can trust, as each of their team members is a dedicated specialist in their field of practice, which is essential in delivering exceptional solutions and services to their clients. Founder and CEO Mr Chalermwat Wimuktayon (Pico) is the Chairman of The Lawyers Association of Pattaya Provincial Court.


 Thorough due diligence on all properties they are either buying or selling.

Prepare contracts and process all purchase and sales for buyer and seller.
 Do the accounting on all of the companies owned or controlled by ETA CEO David Simpson.

Ensure that all of ETA Groups business practices are legal and correct.

Structure an escrow-type arrangement which enables further properties to be used to secure any commitments made by ETA while offering their Investment Products.

To operate with complete transparency and with authority, to tell anyone and everyone anything and everything about anything and everything.

To make weekly updates notifying everyone of any relevant changes to the group of companies.

No expense has been spared by ETA while packaging these latest investment products.


  • Option to link your investment to other currencies
  • Opportunity to have your investment spread across multiple currencies
  • Possibility to exchange your investment to our other products available
  • Returns can be paid to various countries
  • Free stay for 14 days per year in property of equivalent value
  • Option to earn interest in your returns buy opting to be paid out less regularly than monthly.
  • We will offer higher returns for clients with higher amounts invested across our products
  • The referral bonus for introducing any clients.
  • Discounted rental rates for our investors in our managed property portfolio.
  • Discounted goods and services from the numerous other businesses owned and managed by ETA and our partners, plus those working with us.
  • Free legal advice from an established lawyer
  • The ability to purchase your investment property with other assets like unoccupied property or even your car.

Our other businesses of which you’ll be entitled to discounts include:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Marketing
  • Schools
  • Legal work
  • Tourist attractions


  1. Choose a property from our inventory
  2. Review the draft contract
  3. Pay a 50,000 THB holding fee
  4. Take a free 30-minute consultation with Magna Carta lawyers (face to face, video call, telephone or email) to satisfy any questions regarding legalities
  5. Book a viewing if needed
  6. Sign contracts and pay the remaining deposit required to equal 10% of the property price.
  7. Magna Carta will then handle the transfer of ownership into your name at which point the full balance will need to be paid.
  8. You will then start receiving your monthly returns paid into your bank account.

At the end of the agreed term, you can either take ownership, renew your rental agreement with us, or we will re-purchase the unit at the agreed price.



If we are ever over 90 days behind on our payments, you will take over the occupancy of your unit.


Your investment is secured by the real-estate asset you have purchased.


This is entirely ok; everything is the same, and we will still give you a return of 10% of what you would receive if you had taken a rental guarantee contract.

  • The investor can take his investment back at any time subject to a 10% early settlement fee and 90 days’ notice if needed to liquidate before the agreed term.
  • ETA cannot under any circumstances cancel this agreement before the end of the term unless they pay the full agreed to buyback price.

ETA is an investment company that makes its profits more significant from our Real Estate trading activity and reserves the right to sell any properties under its management subject to securing a minimum NET profit for our clients. The minimum profit rates are:

To benefit from the low property prices and the trading activity, we only ask that you allow us the freedom to potentially utilise your property again in the future. If we do use this option, then the profits generated will be shared with you.

Sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

  • Properties purchased either for investment or to live from us are subject to a property management contract with ETA.

Investment property management contract – Rental Guarantee – Terms

  • All original documents are held at Magna Carta. This includes title deeds and company paperwork for entities owned by holding companies.
  • The investor cannot interfere with the management of the property.
  • ETA agrees to be responsible for all maintenance fees for the property.
  • ETA is responsible for the upkeep of the property and commits to keeping it in good condition.

That makes it sound even better; there must be a Negative?

  • The only negative aspect is that you lose control of your property in the sense that every sale and rental has to now go through us.
  • You can’t leverage this property for more than the amount you have paid for it as that will prohibit our ability to potentially trade the property.

The reason we can offer properties at prices so much lower than the market value is due to our trading activity and utilising the other companies within our group to maximise our profits.

If you would rather have purchased a Rental Guarantee Property knowing that the property you were purchasing would always be yours then obviously this option is still available and it would be sold at the “Fair Market Price” with the same terms being offered with regard to both “Guaranteed Rental Returns” and “Guaranteed Buy Backs.

If you are interested in our Property Exchange Product – please fill in your details and the properties details on our Application Form found here on our website: Property Exchange Management Application Form

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Emerging Trends Advisors Co., Ltd.
Level 18, Park Ventures Ecoplex,
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Our Consultants

We Will Respond To You Shortly

Emerging Trends Advisors Co., Ltd.
Level 18, Park Ventures Ecoplex,
57 Wireless Road, Bangkok,
Thailand 10330