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The modern day alternative to a high street bank


The modern day alternative to a high street bank

Introducing “ETA Rental Guarantee” and “ETA Capital Gain”

ETA has managed to merge property with investing in a way which will leave developers and Real Estate Investors around the world scratching their heads as to how is this possible. We are selling properties for less than they cost to buy or even build. These properties are already built, and you can transfer the title deed into your name today for less than it is worth.

As in most industries, “the bigger the order the better the deal” investment is no different and the returns we offer to our investors get higher as the amount invested gets higher. The range with our regular return option varies from 7% to 14% per annum over a 5-year term for example.



We are offering a regular return product that provides investors with an income that is fixed, and you can make plans around. We have named this “ETA Rental Guarantee” after realising that it is something people can relate to with a clearer understanding.

Real Estate is what we know and trust, so we explored the possibility of making a feasible way to use Real Estate as a vehicle that could see us selling a property at a price that ultimately secures the investor.



ETA Capital Gain sees you investing your money in exchange for a property worth more, that is transferred into your name today. At the same time as the property is transferred, ETA will register a lease at the land office which is for the agreed investment term.

Depending on the term, this product can see you investing as little as 50% of the value of the property with ownership is transferred into your name today.


  • Thorough due diligence on all properties, we are either buying or selling.
  • Prepare contracts and process all purchases and sales for both buyer and seller.
  • Submit accounting on all of the companies owned or controlled by ETA CEO David Simpson.
  • Give Legal advice so that all of ETA Groups business practices are legal and correct.
  • Advise on an escrow type arrangement which enables further properties to be used to secure any commitments made by ETA while offering their Investment Products.
  • To operate with complete transparency, Full Legal Authority has been given the lawyers to answer any questions for anyone about anything.
  • To provide weekly updates notifying everyone of any relevant changes to the group of companies, informed by the CEO, David Simpson

No expense has been spared by ETA while packaging these lastest Investment products

We have decided to not only package an Investment product which has been put together with the mindset of “An Investor” and what would they want, but we have gone one step further.

We have engaged with multiple law firms in different regions that we are active and are operating all of our businesses in a way that is revolutionary in the financial industry. 100% complete transparency with live updates to every transaction being available to anyone and everyone online.


  1. Is it Legal?
  2. How is my money secured?
  3. How can you afford to pay me?
  4. What is the worst-case scenario?


The reasons we have gone to such lengths is because although we are still only a few years old, we have run into so many organisations that are offering Investment products marketed as secure or asset-backed, and realised that they are far from what they say they are. Thousands of people are misled every day around the world by sleek sales presentations that are portraying a false truth. Investing is simple; it is down to Risk vs Reward, and there are only four questions that you need to ask.

The answers given should also be reflected in the contracts being used.

Is it legal?

ETA are fully aware that, in some circumstances, we are handling a person’s life savings. The proceeds of a life’s work and an amount of money a person’s future depends on.

It is for these reasons that we have a standard policy in place. ETA’s standard policy is simple.

We use the biggest and the best without compromise. We are frequent clients of KMPG, PWC, CMS Law on a global scale and in Thailand, we have often used Blumenthal Richer and Summit.
For our new products, we will be using all of the above plus many more as we will engage with the most established Law firm in every region that we are operating.

We have chosen Magna Carta to be our local partner in Pattaya and they will also be responsible for our entire legal accounting and administrative work for these products we sell within the Pattaya region.

Magna Carta are paid for by ETA on behalf of our clients so as to advise you and answer any concerns you may have.

We still maintain that you should get another opinion from your lawyer though.

It’s essential that you are getting 2nd and 3rd opinions when considering any investment products. At ETA we know too well that this is often overlooked by investors who “go with their gut feeling” and make investments based on trust.

We also have through our misfortune learnt the hard way, and as a result of those learnings, we now have included into our standard operating procedures that anything regarding feasibility, due diligence, asset valuations, company audits etc. will all be done by the most established third parties.

We have also noticed that although it is expensive, it is a very clever move due to the extra business it helps attract. So it’s our opinion that if any product provider/developer isn’t willing to put his product under the microscope of 3rd parties then you should approach it very cautiously.

How is my Money Secured?

Our standard procedure here is to only use the biggest and most established companies.

When we need to verify the value of significant assets, we will use either Knight Frank or JLL.

We do also use major National Banks especially when valuing residential assets or smallest assets.

Another source will be the market itself and especially local property portals which are very useful and in fairness, more accurate in a lot of cases.

For both ETA Rental Guarantee and ETA Capital Gain, we will establish two price points:

  • Bank Value using ‘Bangkok Bank or Kasikorn’
  • Market Value using the two largest property portals Thailand Property and Hipflat

This is a huge factor when it comes to asset-backed products, as the reason they have attracted attention initially was that the product was low-risk. As mentioned before an investment is about Risk vs Reward. Risk is fine if that is what you are looking for, and you step into it with your eyes open but to invest in a low-risk asset-backed investment to only achieve a single figure return, then the possibility of total loss cannot under any circumstances be there.

Again, if a developer or investment product provider does not have a credible third-party value the security, then this should raise alarm bells.

How can you afford to pay me?

Ok, so three things to consider here:

First, you need to establish if you’re lending or investing. This point is often confused especially with “Rental Guarantee” products with “fixed returns” and guaranteed “buybacks”.

If you are purchasing a Rental Guarantee property, but on the condition, it has both a Rental Guarantee and a Buy Back which you fully intend on utilising then what you’re doing is lending.

You are issuing a loan against an asset for a time where you have agreed to receive an interest payment regularly until the end of the term when you’re paid back.

So, in this instance you need to be wary of the following:

  1. That the asset securing your money is worth it from day one. Otherwise, you’re now issuing an unsecured loan.
  2. That the “How they’re going to pay you” in this case, you need to make sure the “offerer” is telling you exactly where the income to cover your interest is coming from, and it would be even better if there were verifiable proof of this, such as tax receipts, maybe opening up the books.

Usually if the information is being withheld there is a reason.

ETA have instructed Magna Carta to be 100% transparent with anyone who might ask and again provide valid proof of anything claimed.

Ok, so assuming that question 1 and 2 are answered satisfactorily which, to be honest, will be a tiny percentage of the time in this market, then at least we’re safe as in we might not lose. However, we cannot lose by leaving it in the bank or under the bed.

So, for new options you may be considering that get this far, it still means nothing, in our opinion. The question now becomes, why I should give it to you? At this point, there will no doubt be an incredible story about what the offerer is going to do. Our advice? Do not even listen to this as it needs to be approached with the mindset of “seeing is believing”

Ask them to show you, and if they resist, then it is for a reason.

Transparency is KEY.

If not, then ask them how it is that they are securing the future profits they are promising.

What’s the worst-case scenario?

This comes down to two things:

If you are entering into an investment where your handing over money without instantly being handed a legal right to a or part of an identifiable tangible asset, it means you are being exposed and that the investment is deemed HIGH RISK. If you are handed an asset or legal right, then if it is not of the same value as the amount invested you are again at risk and vulnerable to losing the difference between the value of what you get and the amount you have spent.

If it’s a low-risk investment, one that you can’t afford to lose your money on, not all of it, not half of it, not any of it, then you need to find a product that once you hand over your money, you receive something in return. Whatever it is that you receive needs to have a value equivalent to the amount you have parted with even if the offerer is no longer around. Only then can you be assured that your capital is secure. It’s that simple.

Once the money has been spent, look at what you received in return and asks yourself a question; “What’s that going to sell for if the company or people who gave it to me were no longer around, and that’s your worst case scenario.

If we are asked these questions about our products, here are the answers:

Is it Legal?

Ultimately, we have a strict policy in place which means we always outsource to the most established law firms; both globally and locally.

Magna Carta, who will be handling this side of things for us in Pattaya and you are free to contact them at any time. Khun Supat is the Lawyer who is managing our work.

Is my Money Secured?

Completely, as soon as we receive money from clients, we will arrange security which will be in the following ways: transfer of property or transferring the shares of a company that owns an asset or a contract that gives you a legal hold or charge over an asset.

Please see this link regarding our security arrangements we have set up on behalf of our clients - https://emergingtrendsadvisors.com/escrow-arrangement/

We only ever use the values given to us by established third parties. Some valuations we may disagree with, but we never override those values.

We use Global Real Estate companies, Major National Banks and Property Portals

Please see this link explaining our valuation processs - https://emergingtrendsadvisors.com/valuation-process/

Average price per sqm
Average price per sqm
Then divide it by 2 = Market Average Price

ETA have spent over $2,000,000 USD in the last 24 months policing ourselves, and this information is made available to anyone and everyone is proof that we offer complete transparency in our dealings with our clients.

We have been working towards a model which we believe is the ultimate formula about what the investor wants.

What if we cannot pay?

We are borrowing money against our assets with ETA Rental Guarantee and ETA Capital Gain. The reason to leverage them is that we trade the properties and the money made is sufficient to cover the interest.

Please read the feasibility report - https://emergingtrendsadvisors.com/eta-rental-guarantee-feasibility-report/

Although we are also using the banks, the terms at which we can borrow via this method is cheaper when factoring the relevant aspects:

  • Loan to value
  • The ability to borrow without having principle payments throughout the term of the loan.
  • Compound Interest
  • Inflation
  • Fast Payout

We have also gone through the huge expense to secure our clients completely and at the same time put our entire portfolio of assets and companies at risk, securing our clients future profits.

That's correct not only do our clients get legal ownership of a real estate asset valued by credible and established third parties (to a minimum same value as their principal amount invested), but we also put our house on the line for further security. Meaning, this is as safe as an investment will ever get.

Magna Carta is verifying all of ETA CEO David Simpson's companies, and real estate assets and Mr Simpson has signed away his right to access them.

Millions of dollars of real estate assets will be sold off in the event ETA are ever in default and unable to meet commitments.

A certificate for each title deed that is placed at Magna Carta in a safety deposit box and is used as collateral will be viewable by anyone

Magna Carta has agreed to take on ALL administrative, Legal and Accounting for ETA and all of the other companies that are owned and controlled by David Simpson. It has been agreed that Magna Carta will have the FULL Legal authority to tell anyone everything related to his assets, businesses practices and financials.

What's the worst-case scenario?

You have the asset initially given, that at its highest will be the value a bank gave it and ultimately will lend against it.

You have a legal right over further assets pledged to secure your Investment, of which will be liquidated to make the payments.

You will receive weekly updates from Magna Carta detailing everything that has gone on, enabling you the benefit of knowing beforehand in the unlikely event there is trouble.

We are handing over our entire administration, legal and financial work to established third parties. These third parties are verifying all of our business dealings, and their work will be posted and updated online, available to everyone to view. We will have some of these third parties also on hand to accept calls from anyone requiring to ask any questions.

Our lawyers are instructed to tell anyone and everyone anything and everything about everything and anything.

To go a step further, we have also placed the original deeds and company registration certificates in safety deposit boxes and escrow accounts around the world, of which we have signed away our rights to access and will pledge them as further security to our investors.

Total Transparency, Total Liability and Total Accountability.

Millions of dollars’ worth of Real Estate is held under lock and key which can be liquidated if we fail to meet our commitments. This is on top of the initial security in your name, which has been valued independently and impartially.

At ETA, we have put our house on the line and stand to lose everything but have full confidence and faith in our new Investment Products. So much so, there will be weekly updates disclosing revenue details of transactions.


We simply find the market average and make it cheaper.

At the moment, we are offering investments with returns and at prices that are “too good to be true” and this is what we keep hearing, but they are real, so be quick if you want to take advantage.

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