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Rent to Buy


Available with putting down as little as  25% of the property value

The option to pay the down payment with another property in part exchange or even any other asset of value.
 The option to upgrade and downgrade midterm

Flexible Payment terms giving you the flexibility to miss a payment and catch up later

The option to only pay off the interest amount
The option to pay lump sums off when it suits you best

No penalty for early repayment

The option to sell your property with the mortgage being offered to the new buyer

Interest at only 6% per annum

We will even offer payment plans on renovation jobs, as long as you’re buying your property through use will try in any way we can to help you achieve your goals.

Simply, we need the following information from you, and we can then tell you what we can offer:

What kind of property are you looking for?
What areas are open for consideration?
How much can you afford as down payment?
Do you have anything to offer as down payment?
How much can you comfortably afford on a monthly basis?

Once the above information has been received, we will forward you some of the options we have available.

How does it work legally?

The property would be registered in your name at the local land office; then we would record a mortgage on the property at the local land office along with the terms of the agreement.

The title deed would then stay at your safety deposit box at Magna Carta with Magna Carta ensuring that the terms agreed were kept by both parties.

“If the property were owned by a company” then we would simply be joint shareholders with and put an agreement in place for ETA to sell shares to you subject to the terms agreed again the paperwork would be held at Magna Carta who would act as the intermediary.

We have properties available on “Rent to Buy Program” from 1 million THB condos to 100 million THB mansions and everything else in between.

Here are some examples of the properties we have available right now along with some cases of the payments terms on offer:

Project Details – City Center Residence

Location and Local Businesses

Closest Hospital – 1.8km
Pattaya Memorial Hospital

Closest Shopping Center – 1.4km
Central Festival Shopping Center

Closest Beach – 2km
Pattaya Beaches

To Walking Street – 2.7km
Walking Street Pattaya

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