Secured Investment Products

Here at Emerging Trends Advisors, we carefully source the best products that are available on the market. Here is a selection of some of the different investment products that we are presently offering to our clients.

The products are designed to meet different clients’ needs and come in three different types:  


Regular Returns

Regular return investments are investments that are designed to provide a regular income as their primary purpose. The income is typically paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually.

These types of product are usually aimed at those in retirement looking to earn an income or those looking for a supplementary and passive income and are usually deemed low risk.


Capital Gains

Investments that concentrate on providing capital gains, often referred to as capital growth are focused primarily on increasing the value of the asset over a given time period. It is measured on the value of the asset at the time it is sold in relation to the price it was purchased at. These are also usually deemed low risk investments.


Profit Share

Businesses sometimes offer profit share incentives as a means of encouraging investment. The profits can be distributed annually or after any given time period. A projection of the anticipated return is usually given although this is not guaranteed and indeed unknown until the time period has elapsed.

The risk is slightly higher but the returns available usually reflect the added risk.