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Real Estate With Assured Returns

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Best Realty Projects To Invest For Assured Returns

How Real Estate Investment Started


The initial thought of real estate investment was purchasing a property and managing it either all by you or through an agent. Eventually, investors realized that this wasn’t a suitable approach towards investing in real estates and that better profits can be gained by inviting professional property management companies or hotel companies to cater to the purchased property in their professional way. And this led to the startup of the all-new rental guarantee property scheme.


How It Works


When an investor purchases any property, he/she signs a management contract with a property management company for a certain period of time with an assured fixed return, i.e. usually around 7-8% p.a. Some of these properties come with buy-back-offers, i.e. the developer buys back by the property at the end of the investment term 100-120% of the original price ( In the contract the exact amount is fixed). Also, the investors get the chance to use the property for a certain period of time every year. Such products are more appealing for people who in real want to own the property and use it after the investment time.


Benefits & Securities

Properties with rental guarantee are available in the markets with a regular flow of users- like as student accommodations, popular tourist destinations, and more. We specialize in managing properties in South East Asia for the reasons like selecting popular tourist destination all year round, high occupancy rates, low or no tax, assured rental contracts and professional hands-off management.


Real Estate With Assured Returns Up To 7%

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