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ETA Property Exchange Example

At ETA When we came up with the Idea to run a ‘Property Exchange’ option we wanted to ensure that it was done fairly and we weren’t taking advantage of people in distressed situations.

The first thing we started to work on was a “Fair Valuation Process” from which we would base our offers from.

We do this be averaging out the most comparable properties already due sale on the market.

We believe this is the fairest value to use because it’s least open to manipulation and at the end of the day everyone has different ideas of the value of things.

This is the process we follow to ascertain the “Fair Market Value” of an Individual Residential Property.

Please see below an example of how we ascertained the fair Market price of A 255 Sqm newly renovated to the highest standard penthouse condominium with sea views in foreign name in Executive Residence 1

We get the Average Sqm from the development/project or area the property is in from the main property portals in a Thailand and add them together.

By adding them together and then dividing that figure by 3 you now have the average price across the market on a particular project.

Please see (2) two offers below, which would be exactly the offers we would be making for you if this was your property:

If this property were to be exchanged for ETA Rental Guarantee

Examples of what it could be exchanged for

Elegance 612

฿ 8,928,486

Elegance 413

฿ 6,146,685

We will exchange your property for other properties WORTH more. That’s right! We swap your empty property generating no income for one of ours, that’s not only worth more but it also comes with a guaranteed return. In order to make this possible we do have to charge 10% of the fair market value in cash so that the transfers can happen.

  • The Fair Market value if these two properties are 15,075,170 THB.
  • You would receive 61,557 THB per month for 36 months.
  • And 10,552,619 THB at the end of the term.
  • All original documentation would be held at Magna Carta.
  • If we were ever more than 90 days in default we would forfeit our right to buy them back and manage the property.
  • ETA would be responsible for all other costs during the term. If the investment such as Juristic Fees, Property Maintenance, Submitting Tax Returns, etc.
  • Magna Carta would be the intermediary ensuring the terms of the agreement are kept and it would be their responsibility to protect the interest of both parties.
  • We are open to using Alternative Lawyers subject to prior approval however if their fee is higher than the arrangement we have with Magna Carta the difference would be the responsibility of a client, we would though insist on any alternative law firm being willing to work without online verification system.


Please click on the link below for further details.

ETA Rental Guarantee
Elegance @Cosy Beach – Rental Guarantee Information Pack

If this property were to be exchanged for ETA Asset-Backed Investment

See below an example financial model if this property were to be exchanged for ETA ABI

Your investment would be fully secured by a Real Estate Portfolio held by multiple established third party law firms all working in conjunction with Emerging Trends Advisors.

The Portfolio would be valued in the following ways depending on the property type and region.

  • Commercial assets or large land parcels – CBRE, JLL or Knight Frank
  • Residential Properties – Averaging out against the current properties on the open market

You would be able to track the entire portfolio at all times on our website where all of the law firms we have assigned as the third-party intermediaries would process and update every transaction as it happens.

Please Click this link to see comprehensive information about ETA ABI Investment product – ETA Asset-Backed Investment Product

How can we afford this?

We are fully aware that it’s almost impossible to achieve the kind of returns we are offering if relying on rental income in the current Market.

Our research tells us that it’s almost impossible to even break even over a 5 year period of considering all factors when doing the financial model as explained in this article we recently published that actually warns investors of the current situation in Pattaya.

Read more

Please see here an example of our videos we will also invest a large marketing budget on getting awareness in the local media.
Please see a video promoting a project we are also working on.

That is a video promoting one of our investment products.

We will offer anyone and everyone, not just real estate agents information packs in every language that are branded with their names, logos and contact details.

Here are the info packs for every product available at Elegance

“ Are you the owner of empty property in Pattaya or are you receiving a rental income far from what you originally hoped? ”
Please fill in the form and find out what we will offer you as a return.


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Emerging Trends Advisors Co., Ltd.
Level 18, Park Ventures Ecoplex,
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We Will Respond To You Shortly

Emerging Trends Advisors Co., Ltd.
Level 18, Park Ventures Ecoplex,
57 Wireless Road, Bangkok,
Thailand 10330