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Promises of fast returns

Mar 14, 2017 | Emerging Trends

If you have lived in Thailand for any length of time you probably have a wry smile as soon as you hear promises of returns from an investment, let alone fast returns. Unfortunately, most of us have been bombarded with get rich quick schemes from chances and from people who basically no more than conmen. Even more regrettably all real estate agents and all financial advisors get tarred with the same brush – something that is hugely unfair.

There are without doubt some charlatans out there but there are also lots of excellent, reputable real estate agents and financial advisors around too. These are people who really could help you make money from safe, sensible investments rather than random ideas. If you have realistic goals in terms of returns and even a low to moderate risk tolerance, there are some great offers out there – you just need to sort the wheat from the chaff.

If we look purely at the real estate market and some of the investment properties that are available, you will start to appreciate just what great deals are there to be had. Property has forever been as a safe investment. ‘Bricks and mortar’, something physical and tangible that you have title deeds for that is in a great location – somewhere that is growing in size and increasing in popularity year on year. This sounds just like Thailand and indeed the country is a fantastic place to own an investment property.


As you will be aware, Thailand is thriving and demand for tourist accommodation is reaching outrageous levels. This is in all different types of property ranging from condominiums, to villas and even the major 5-star hotels. The developers and hoteliers are rubbing their hands and are constantly on the lookout for new investors. They need to build new properties and the investors are out their looking to make healthy returns, and so the rental guarantee concept was born!

Rental guarantee concepts are basically investment properties that come with a guaranteed return for set number of years. They used to be offered purely by developers but now they are becoming available in hotels owned and managed by some of the best known and most respected names in the industry. They are offering healthy returns in properties that they manage in prime locations. Not only do you get a healthy return in what amounts to a low risk investment, you have fantastic potential for capital growth. What could be better?

There are three schemes that immediately spring to mind in Thailand as they are all in the thriving resorts of either Pattaya or Phuket. The first option is available in a completed project owned by Amari in Pattaya. The return offered here is 5% p.a. for five years with projected returns in following years of 8% p.a.

The next offers are both available in Phuket and are projects that are currently under construction. The returns offered here are both a slightly higher 7% p.a. for five years with projected returns in following years of 10% p.a. to reflect that the buildings are yet to be completed. These offers are available in properties from the hotel groups Ramada and Best Western. All of the hotels are situated in prime locations and benefit from the management of first class staff.

When you hear these types of returns you probably appreciate that these are very real deals. The returns aren’t excessive or unreasonable they are just healthy returns provided by safe, sound investments. Surely these rental guarantee concepts are worth further investigation?

Up to 15% Returns on Investment

Fixed return investments fully backed by properties.

*15% p.a. paid at the end of the term on capital gain option*


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Flexible Terms

3 year investment plan, ideal for first-time investors.

Flexible Payment Options

Option to receive interest payments monthly or quarterly.

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