The Palace


The Developer

New-Nordic-Group-logoNew Nordic Group are one of the largest full-cycle tourist companies in Thailand, developing and managing purpose built properties with a proven track record since 2009.

They have successfully completed well over 45 projects and have 30 more either under construction or due to start soon.

The group actually consists of a construction division, a rental management company and also tour operators, with staff totalling to over 1400 people. They currently have offices and projects spread over 6 different countries. New Nordic Group have a hugely successful business model and are growing fast, having recently spread around Thailand and now expanding to other destinations around south-east Asia.

Our Emerging Trends Advisors lawyers have conducted a full and satisfactory due diligence report on New Nordic Group and the companies associated updated in October 2016.

The Project

As mentioned above New Nordic Group have multiple projects with availability for investment spread over numerous locations. Due to high tourism, comprehensive infrastructure and the locations of the developments, we are currently focusing our recommendations in Phuket, Koh Samui and Pattaya.

All New Nordic Group developments are serviced with swimming pools, on-site shops, restaurants, massage etc. which make them popular with investors and rental clients alike.

New Nordic Group also have a policy to invest in other nearby facilities that they consider a benefit to the rental tenants which of course also enhances the investment attraction.

Up until 2015, New Nordic Group have been offering 3 and 4 star accommodation projects. In 2016 New Nordic Group began selling and constructing some unique themed projects that will be built to 5 star specifications. These will be Castles and Palaces; completely made to look and feel like the real thing, with no expense spared on fixtures, fittings and furniture.

The Offer

Once the Investor has purchased a unit, it is then immediately leased back from them by New Nordic Group for 20 years at a rate of 10% of the purchase price per year.

From the 10th year onwards the investor has the option to sell the unit back to the developer and they are legally obligated to buy it from you as stated in the contract. The amount of the buy-back price increases year on year.

At year 10 the price is 100% of the original purchase price and then this increases to 105% of the original purchase price at year 11, 110% at year 12 and so forth up to a maximum of 125% offered from years 15 to 20.

This investment return is also adjusted on a yearly basis to counter act inflation. The amount of interest return received will increase by 3% every year.

New Nordic Group can now also offer investments linked to multiple currencies including the US dollar and the Euro as well as the Thai Baht.

Extra benefits included in this investment are 1 week per year for the investor to stay and enjoy the special facilities of the development, and of course the whole New Nordic concept!

When investing into New Nordic Groups 5 star projects the investor also receives exclusive membership to their ‘Club Hi Society’ which comes with many perks such as VIP invitations to exclusive events and much more.


   Proven track record stretching back 8 years

   Over 45 projects already completed

   Full due diligence satisfactorily completed

   Investments secured against properties

   10% returns guaranteed between 10-20 years

   Inflation guarded return increases of 3% p.a.

   The option to link your investments to multiple currencies

  Sought after location

   Investments start at 10,000,000 THB (approximately $285K, €270K, £230K)

   Payment plans available

   1 Week investor holiday per year

   Exclusive investor membership to ‘Club Hi-Society’


502/28-29, Moo 10, Soi Baukaow, Nongprue,
Banglamung, Chonburi, Thailand 20150



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