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Could Pattaya Become the New Gambling Capital of Asia?

Jun 10, 2016 | Emerging Trends

Pattaya is evolving all the time to the meet the wants and needs of the millions visitors who come to the city each year.

Evolving is something that Pattaya is very good at but the next big change could be the surprising introduction of casinos in the city. We say surprising as at present gambling is seen as a big no no with the Thai authorities but it appears that attitudes may be starting to relax.

The idea that Pattaya could become the new Macau or Hong Kong overnight might be little bit farfetched but is it something that could happen in the not too distant future? The answer to that is probably yes.

Pattaya has everything that the gambling capitals of the world have – luxury hotels, quality real estate, excellent transport links both within Thailand and the rest of the world, and of course visitors coming in their droves – many of whom are from China, a country noted for its love of gambling. The big advantage that Pattaya has – it is far cheaper than Macau or Hong Kong – opening the doors to a wider audience.


So why choose Pattaya over somewhere else in Thailand? Pattaya is already well established as an entertainment capital and is therefore setup to cater for visitors looking for this type of holiday. Real estate in Bangkok is expensive with heavily congested roads, Chiang Mai and Hua Hin are seen as more relaxing breaks than Pattaya and Phuket is far more expensive. All in all Pattaya come out pretty favourably.

Would bringing gambling to Pattaya have an adverse effect on the city? This would seem unlikely, the city is catering more and more for families and these groups seem largely unaffected by the current entertainment scene so there seems no reason to suspect that this would change. The current entertainment and nightlife would probably be complimented by the gambling scene – something that we have already seen in Las Vegas.

What about local residents? Again this comes back to the fact that Pattaya is already a well established entertainment centre – it seems hardly likely that an increase in visitors would perturb people so long as the infrastructure is set up to cope and once again this is something that Pattaya does well. Also, another benefit to residents is the fact that real estate prices are likely to soar to meet increased demand. So far I have never come across anyone who is disappointed that their property has risen in value!

Although nothing is decided, it seems that bringing regulated gambling and casinos to Pattaya can only be a good thing for all those concerned. The boost to the local economy will benefit thousands of people so this can only benefit the area. Let’s see what the future holds!

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