Emerging Trends Advisors Important Announcement! Emerging Trends Advisors Official Statement READ NOW

Level 18, Park Ventures Ecoplex,
57 Wireless Road, Bangkok,
Thailand 10330


We feel we have no choice other than to make a public announcement due to a select few individuals and local businesses who are on a campaign to try and discredit Emerging Trends Advisors and the owners. 

The criminal behaviour of the offenders has increased in recent weeks and led to a decision being made by our management last week to close our Pratumnak Office as we felt we could no longer assure our employees a safe working environment. 

In the previous six months, we have been undergoing a complete restructure of how we operate to adapt to the changing market conditions plus improve the level of service we offer.

We have also formed new partnerships with some of the countries most prominent organisations to work on new projects. 

Unfortunately, what should have been a very positive time within the company has been marred by the constant harassment, and games being played by those out to cause us harm. 

We have previously resisted making any formal and public announcement, the nature of our business is fund and asset management on behalf of hundreds of investors, and we felt it would cause unnecessary concern; however things have escalated further, and as such are having an impact on the volume of business we are completing (with any agreed transactions being cancelled). 

As a consequence of this, we are experiencing cash flow issues, and unfortunately, our clients are now feeling the impact resulting from the problems caused by the offenders.  The cash flow problems have led to us being late on paying our investors their returns. We have managed to bring 90% of our accounts back up to date now, and the remaining payments outstanding will be apparent in the coming days.  

We want to inform all of our client’s clients that there is no cause for concern and that the company has never been in a stronger position, you will see lots of positive news over the coming weeks and months, and this incident will be long forgotten.

We won’t lie and pretend that the behaviour of these people didn’t have any effect, it did, and the cost of the damage is into hundreds of thousands of dollars, and months of delays. And it will still increase further.  We will recover from this, in any case. 

What has saddened us most is that some of the people we’ve worked alongside for years, some ex-employees and even some current ones (people we regarded as friends) have been corrupted. A few have also started working alongside these people and are actively causing us harm. 

This is something that we have to take seriously, an organisation, such as ours, is obligated to consider our priority before making any decision, this means that all decisions must be made based on what is best for our investors. 

The staff members (ex and current) and working partners who have recently started working against us, in fact, are working against the clients of which they introduced to us.

We have been made aware of several allegations being made about our business practices and involving multiple companies within our group and related to several projects that we have been involved in. We vehemently deny all of these and will be ensuring these claims are presented to a judge so we can clear our name. 

We have been patient and thorough in preparing for the following legal cases we are starting against multiple individuals and organisations. 

We will be, as public as the law permits us,  ensuring that the damage being done to our business is minimised, as quickly as possible.

We sincerely apologise to everyone affected by this, obviously, our investors who have had delays with returns, our staff who have been threatened, assaulted or been the witness of these crimes, and anyone else who may have been affected.


David Simpson
Emerging Trends Advisors