Emerging Trends Advisors Important Announcement! Emerging Trends Advisors Official Statement READ NOW

Level 18, Park Ventures Ecoplex,
57 Wireless Road, Bangkok,
Thailand 10330

As we begin in earnest to market to our prospective tenants, I am wanting to swap properties for credits within your business to form an essential aspect of the fantastic deals that are being promoted as part of the new “All Inclusive” deal offered by Love Pattaya mentioned here.

I am offering you, Pattaya’s local business owners, the following options in return for giving us a credit limit with your business which will be spent by our tenants. You will receive excellent marketing exposure, plus the items that will be offered as part of the deal will be limited. If our tenants wish to purchase anything not included, then they will become cash-paying customers generating a new revenue stream for you and your business. We have bought a couple of gogo bars in walking street and LK metro, plus some gentleman’s clubs, restaurants plus others and would love for you to be part of our concept. We believe it will benefit the local community and your business.

Part of the exclusive deal here for you is that we require rooms for the tenants to occupy, but we do not need to own them. We are offering a ‘Rental Guarantee’ which means that even though the units are priced higher than you can buy on the market, they are at least built. The return will be further backed up by our real estate asset portfolio. We have pledged and placed our property portfolio in ‘Escrow’. Magna Carta will be partnering us as a local 3rd party, and we are passing onto them a host of our properties to hold on to as extra security. Our Escrow arrangement is explained here.

After having to delay our launch due to the avalanche of subscribers and influx of local businesses willing to get involved, we have had to regroup and prepare for much larger numbers in the coming months, so we are sending this out to all local business owners so as not to miss out on this great deal.

Obviously, and as we always have done, we want to work with the local business owners and are keen to find a mutually beneficial way to do so. We are aiming at promoting Pattaya in a positive light, which we are sure we all want.


If we GIVE you the following property, transfers at the land office will be placed into your name so you will own your condo.

Studio 25sqm
Valued by Kasikorn at 2,100,000 THB

Option 1

2,100,000 THB credit given to us for the product at a reasonable price
A Rental Guarantee will be offered to you, returning 12,000 THB NET per month over five years,
with us buying back the property at 2,100,000 THB after the five years has passed.

Option 2

1,550,000 THB credit for the product at full price
Twelve months of free rental to us.

Option 3

1,050,000 THB credit given to us for the product at a reasonable price
We sign a ten years lease on the property (We cover maintenance etc. throughout the term of the contract). The deal will be registered at the land office.

See information about the other standard terms we offer on the Rental Guarantee section of our website


 A Referral fee offering 5% commission on any customers they bring forward.

 We are doing a property exchange program where we will make an offer of any properties or other assets, that you or someone you might know might be selling.  We will give an immediate return of up to 8% per year if the agreed eventual (FAIR market price) offer is accepted.

 We will exchange other assets within Thailand or overseas as we have properties in different countries.

 We will be offering the ability to you to purchase “staff packages” from 6,000 THB, which includes three meals a day and basic accommodation. This will enable you, as a local business owner, to offer more attractive remuneration packages to your staff, which will help you to attract better employees and lower your salary bills.


Discuss with us how we can all benefit from this exclusive offer and ensure that we work together to promote Pattaya and the local area.