The New Nordic Group is one of the leading property developers in Pattaya and indeed they have been so successful that they can now be found in other areas of Thailand and Asia. The company has an impressive track record for offering the 10% rental guarantee concept which has been running for around a decade. Now a property fund has been formed allowing investors with far smaller sums to gain access to this fantastic opportunity – minimum investment THB200,000.

The returns are slightly lower, in recognition that this is a pooled investment, but still far greater than those offered by many other investments. The return of 7% NET is fully backed by the New Nordic Group with the client being paid directly by them. The company, who has paid every client on time, every time, will make payments on the 5th day of every month, one month in arrears.

This secure investment has a 15 year term when the properties are bought back by the New Nordic Group. This means that investors receive a reliable monthly income as well as enjoying a product that has a guaranteed built in exit strategy. This makes this the perfect opportunity for investors who are perhaps only just stepping on to the property investment ladder or who may be unsure about the investment opportunity.

The security is the investment is charged over 98 already completed units. This again makes the investment more secure and investors can feel extremely confident about this excellent opportunity. This really is a low risk investment and the fact that it now available with lower initial investments, previously properties started in the region of THB3 million, makes it available to an increasing number of people.

For those clients perhaps wishing to receive your monthly guaranteed payment overseas, this is indeed possible. However, payment will be made on a quarterly basis as opposed to the monthly basis available to investors receiving their payment to a Thai bank. This is ideal for both those living in Thailand and those who visit on a frequent basis, maybe for work or holidays.

One question that is frequently asked is, ‘how do the New Nordic Group manage to offer such great returns and guarantee the rental guarantee concepts even in the low season?’ The answer is quite straightforward, they have completed literally dozens of buildings and already own large amounts of land that was purchased before prices started to rocket.

Only low occupancy rates are required in order to meet breakeven levels and the company has well-established relationships with both domestic and international tour operators. These bookings are guaranteed many months in advance meaning that the company enjoys high occupancy rates even in the low season.

This is a tried and trusted business model and one that many other developers have tried to emulate. The fact that this new pooled investment is now available is just further testimony to how successful the company has become. It is a win-win situation that works perfectly for both investors and the New Nordic Group themselves.

Surely you should be looking to join and enjoy this fantastic investment opportunity offering remarkable gains for a low-risk investment. If you would like more information about this opportunity, contact us today for more details.

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