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Nagpur Tops the Chart for the Smart Cities Mission

Sep 28, 2018 | Emerging Trends, India

When it comes to rating cities according to its progress to Public Private Partnership projects associated with the Smart Cities Mission of the Union Ministry for Housing and Urban Affairs, Nagpur tops the chart.

In the same analysis, Vadodara stood in the second position with 195.31 points, while Nagpur topped the chart with 259.96 points in regards to Public-Private Projects, issuance of work orders, tendering of projects and simultaneously their compilation, as per the reports of Vadodara Municipal Commissioner, Mr. Vinod Rao.

Mr. Rao speaking on the matter said that in September 2016, when the Smart Cities Mission selected Vadodara, the city zeroed on the 62 projects which estimated Rs 2,817 crore.

He also reported that out of the 62 Smart City projects, only 11 have been completed and the rest, i.e. 51 projects were still not completed.

Adding further to the same, Mr. Rao said that the total 51 projects cost Rs 2,679 crore.

On 25th June 2017, the India Smart Cities Award was launched by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to congratulate the cities, the smart innovative ideas, and projects.

May 2 was the last entry date for 2018.

The Union HUA ministry announced the India Smart Cities 2018 Awards.

Article Source: www.news18.com/news/india/

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