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“ETA Property Exchange”

“Exchange your investment property for an investment product with fixed returns.”

With ETA Property Exchange, you can exchange your property and receive a credit equal the “Market value” of your condo in any one of ETA’s Investment products.

If you are interested in our Investment Products – please fill in your details on our Application Form, found here on our website: Investment Application Form

For the condominiums, we use the leading portals, but for more significant assets, with no direct comparisons, we will use either the major banks or established real-estate valuation companies.

ETA will offer you value just underneath the market averages to account for transfer fees, tax, sales commission etc.

Example if we had a one bedroom 36 Sqm at Unixx we would offer a credit of 36sqm x 86,000 per sqm = 3,000,000 THB, into one of our investment products.

Currently we can offer 2 different options over a variety of terms. In due course these options will increase and as new products are released, all investors will have the option to move from one product to another.

Please see below the following options:
ETA RG  – ETA Rental Guarantee
ETA ABI – ETA Asset Backed Investment

ETA Rental Guarantee

The option to transfer your name into a title deed of which you will be the legal owner of that property and that title deed is your security and will be subject to one of the major national banks’ valuations.

ETA Asset-Backed Investment

The other option is to have the full amount of credit secured against ETA’s portfolio of assets held under lock and key at Magna Carta’s premises on Pattaya Tai.

Real Estate secures both options, and Magna Carta handles everything from a legal standpoint.

Emerging Trends Advisors CEO David Simpson has pledged his own assets to be used as further security against any commitments made by ETA to our clients.

Why would you do this?

As written about in much more detail in this article The Worst is yet to come” Pattaya is suffering from a considerable oversupply of properties, and a lot of units are being left vacant, and considering the continued construction, it is likely only to get worse.

Below we are the statistics for Unixx with regard to availability and potential ROI:

SOURCE – www.thailand-property.com

SOURCE – www.hipflat.com

There are hundreds of empty units in the project which have not been long finished.

There are many units available at well below the market average with the lowest advertised rate of 11,000 THB. Please see the links below:

Source – https://www.thailand-property.com/condo/2716/unixx-south-pattaya
Source – https://www.hipflat.co.th/en/projects/unixx-vysoli

Rental Market vs ETA Rental Guarantee

The average rental price for a 1 bedroom unit in Unixx is 15,750 THB, according to Thailand Property.

And this building, in particular, has a very low occupancy rate.

As mentioned with rental units being advertised as low as 11,000 THB and maintaining 100% occupancy will be tough to near impossible in addition to the following:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Wear and Tear
  • Commission to agents
  • Discount from the advertised price

With everything considered, we believe, on average, investment properties are losing money in the long run.

Please see this article with our opinion “Investors Warning”

You will receive the following fixed monthly income if you decide to Exchange your property:

The Process

Once an offer has been accepted, take all your paperwork down including the original chanote to Magna Carta’s offices on South Pattaya Road.

You will be asked to sign everything needed for us to transfer the ownership of your property to ETA.

Your unit is now sold.

In return, we will give you the following:

 A receipt of funds received equal to the agreed value of your property.
 An Investment contract subject to the option chosen.

Any other relevant paperwork that might be associated such as a title deed transferred into your name depending on the option you have chosen.

Please do use the application form to enquire with us. Found here on our website: Property Exchange Management Applicaton Form

Contact us today to turn your Liabilities into Profit

Please note we are fully aware of the fact we are offering much higher returns, part of the cost of these initial deals is offset by our marketing budget and we will not be offering these returns for long.

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