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Level 18, Park Ventures Ecoplex,
57 Wireless Road, Bangkok,
Thailand 10330

Investors Agreement Policy

On completing this investment application, I hereby declare that I am a potential Investor and I understand that this means:

(a) I can receive financial promotions that may not have been approved by a person authorised by any Financial Regulatory Authority.

(b) the Content of such financial promotions may not conform to rules issued by any Financial Regulatory Authority.

(c) by signing this statement I agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in this Information Memorandum with respect to the Bonds.

(d) I may have no right to complain to either of the following:
(i) Any form of Financial Regulatory Authority
(ii) The Financial Ombudsman Scheme or equivalent.
(e) I may have no right to seek compensation from any Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

The Investor irrevocably warrants that the funds invested and/or deposited to the SPV are legitimate funds with and of no criminal origin.

Administrative Agent shall receive, and be reasonably satisfied in form and substance with, all documentation and other information required by regulatory authorities under applicable ‘know-your-customer’ and anti-money laundering rules and regulations.