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“ETA Investment Property Management Program”

This is a service/product that we have developed to address a huge problem that is continuing to get worse for the thousands who have invested their hard-earned money in “good faith” on the promise of rental yields from the eager real-estate agents hunting their next commission.

This picture above is of the Unixx condo at night. The Project has over 1,000 units, and it is less than 10% occupied.

The worst thing is that this is still happening; with developers yet being supported by agents and new projects again being launched. Many agents have not even bothered with listing a Rental Property, and some are so bad that they don’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with the very people they sold to initially, to try and help them sell their property.

After months of hard work testing ideas and concepts to make sure there was sufficient demand and finding the right partners, we now feel that we are ready to make an offer that will answer thousands of prayers.

ETA Investment Property Management Program offers a fully comprehensive Investment Property Management Program with a difference.


3-15 Years Management Contracts Available
Up to 10% per year Guaranteed Returns

Option to earn Interest on your returns

 100% secured by your asset with an asset of equivalent value, at all times

3rd party established Law Firm ensuring legalities and security

 3rd party established property management company who will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the property

Utilising various companies and all working together, adding some property trading and also trying some new concepts, we are confident enough to put our money where our mouth is and start:

Managing your Property
Managing your Investment

Moreover, we are so sure we will even GUARANTEE you a Rental Income and potentially invest our own money in your Property.

What we will do for you:

 Maintain your property to both a sellable and rentable standard
 Make initial investment needed to increase potential profits

 Manage any ongoing expenses incurred by owning the property

 Make sure the property is occupied

 Make sure that the ownership of your property is set up legally correct

 Ensure that all taxes are paid correctly

 Achieve the highest sale price for your property

We will offer you a fair value

Examples of the valuations given on units kept to an average standard – all of the owners of these properties were receiving zero income and incurring regular expenses to maintain their empty properties.

Now, they are enjoying hassle-free returns and were not forced to sell or rent for an amount that almost made it not worthwhile.

How can we such an offer when the market is in the current condition?

The returns we guarantee are not made up of the rental income as we all know that isn’t possible.  

ETA has been successfully trading Real Estate for several years now, and in January 2019, we started becoming much more active in the local market after the conditions opened up a huge opportunity. 

It is the profits from this activity coupled with the fact we have our marketing and real-estate companies amongst others that we use to maximise any benefits, enabling us to make commitments of Guaranteed Returns.

What makes us think we are capable of managing the properties?

Nothing. We know we can sell, market and trade but when it comes to property management, we aren’t the best, we also highlight the legalities and processing as areas where we didn’t feel we are competent enough.

So, what we have done is team up with existing companies who are competent enough to handle certain aspects of this for us.

Magna Carta will handle all of our Legal, Administrative and Accounting work

MAGNA CARTA Law Firm opened their office in Pattaya, Thailand on 17th December 2003 with a team consisting of Barristers, Lawyers as well as Russian, German, English-speaking lawyers and consultants, enabling them to offer you first-class services in criminal and civil law, as well as in accounting and business planning. They have extensive knowledge and in-depth experience in the different fields of Law as well as in accounting and tax consultancy.

MAGNA CARTA is the leading law firm in Pattaya and Eastern Seaboard you can trust, as each of their team members is a dedicated specialist in their field of practice, which is essential in delivering exceptional solutions and services to their clients. Founder and CEO Mr Chalermwat Wimuktayon (Pico) is the Chairman of The Lawyers Association of Pattaya Provincial Court.

AHA Smart Stay is currently and very successfully managing a project in the heart of the city. They have years of experience in this field and are perfectly set up, not only to take on more properties but are also looking to expand their operation alongside us.

Ashly Montero, who owns AHA Smart Stay, has a lifetime of experience in Property Management.

This leaves us with the job of renting and selling which is something we’ve done very well in this city over the years through our other company Love Pattaya Property, which we have managed to do very successfully. 

We will push and prioritise the properties we have under management over the properties other individuals have just listed with us.

We can also potentially sell a property we are managing at a loss if at the same time that money could be utilised for taking advantage of a distressed sale which would recoup the initial loss instantly plus leave us in an instant profit.

Love Pattaya Property is one of several property companies owned or part-owned by the “ETA Group” along with

This resource is hugely important when managing a Real-Estate portfolio as the cost of buying and selling/renting is reduced dramatically. 

The number of properties we manage also enable us to enjoy lower legal and maintenance costs as we are doing it in bulk.

Love Pattaya Thailand has become the most significant local media in Pattaya by far in recent years and now sees us reaching millions of people every month with our advertising.

This company we have always used to feed our property and investment companies with clients or to sell and rent our Real Estate to maximise our profits.

We will again look to do that but after a successful test to prove demand for the concept we have been working hard to acquire multiple local businesses or forge partnerships with some of the exciting and established bars, restaurants and more which will soon be launching our new “Love Pattaya All-Inclusive Concept”.

This will see us advertising condos to local business residents with other incentives such as food and drink packages to make our properties more attractive than the others to maximise the rental yields of the properties; we are managing. 

We have managed to agree to tie-ups with International Schools, Cinemas, Golf Courses and more; we look forward to introducing this to the market at what we feel, is a time when it is needed most. 

Another way in which we are getting the most out of the properties we manage is via ETA Rental Guarantee, which enables us to achieve a much quicker sale or an attractive price. It also means that we have more assets which need accommodating plus the fact that it is the trading which generates the profits then it makes sense to use them to incentivise the local Real Estate agents and further strengthen our position in the market

Please see these two links for more info:


How does it work?

  1. Contact us to agree a value, subject to due diligence. 
  2. Choose an investment term from the following options (this % are calculated from the initially agreed price minus any further deductions)

3. Once the value has been agreed, we will arrange a viewing. 
4. Deductions will be made to agreed value, subject to maintenance/renovations needed.
5. If the property is held within the company name, then all relevant paperwork will be forwarded to Magna Carta to conduct due diligence. Magna Carta will produce a record of their findings, which is a requirement of theirs for us to re-sell these properties.

6. Deductions will be to agreed value, subject to tax liabilities within the existing company or any other associated government fees.
7. If we agree at this point, we will then start the Management Contract.
8. This will mean signing the relevant paperwork that gives Magna Carta Legal right to transfer the unit on your behalf to allow us the opportunity to sell/exchange/trade the property should the correct deal arise.
9. From this point, we will be responsible for any further expenses that could arise from owning and maintaining the property.
10. Sit back and enjoy Regular Guaranteed Returns. 

Here are two articles which explain why you should do it sooner rather than later. We will always be fair but if the market price continues to drop, then the value of our offers will too.

If you are interested in our Investment Products – please fill in your details and the properties details on our Application Form found here on our website: Investment Application Form

Contact us today and see what the value of your property can be valued at. Turn your losses into Profits tomorrow.

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