Phuket Condominium

This 5 star condominium project located on the Millionaire Mile Road in Kamala Beach, Phuket in Thailand. Said to be the most exclusive coast of Phuket with various top 5 star resorts, multi-million dollar villas and even a Royal residence.

Aditya Group Bond

Asset backed corporate bonds from an established group of companies in India raising funds for financial restructure.

The investment is professionally structured through a Singapore SPV and the invested funds are fully backed by real estate with a safe 65% LTV (loan to value).

Land Bank

Quite often we have been asked by our clients for opportunities to get involved in longer term options of land banking, specifically in Asia. We have now secured an agreement to purchase a large parcel of land, with a view of holding for a number of years and eventually sell out at a healthy profit.

Renewable Energy Shares

The investment is a profit share structure in a renewable energy business, specifically wind farms in India.
  Profit Share

  High Returns

  Established solid company