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Investing with the big boys!

Apr 4, 2017 | Emerging Trends

Knowing where to invest these days can be a tricky business. Shrewd investments a few years ago have suddenly become risky, but one thing is noticeable, many of the traditional big investment houses still exist in the same capacity that they did during the ‘good times’. This may be coincidence, or more than likely, it is sound financial practices – not in every case, but certainly in a high percentage of cases.

There is something that gives investors’ confidence when they invest with the biggest names in the market. These are companies with big reputations – something that on its own they are keen to protect, but most importantly, they employ the best people and maintain the highest standards.

There are no guarantees that come with this, but your chances of success are far greater if you adopt the best practices with the best people.
Of course, when we talk about the investment houses we are usually referring to stock market based investments but these are certainly not for everyone. Many investors, including some of those who invested with the major players, had their fingers burnt during the world economic crisis that started in 2008. This has resulted in these investors choosing to steer well away from ‘paper’ investments including stocks, shares and mutual funds, preferring instead to invest in tangible assets.

Building for the future
What guarantees are you looking for with your investments?


Tangible assets give investors an even greater sense of security. They can see and touch them and investments such as gold and property have always historically made gains over the long-term. For centuries gold has been the ‘go to’ investment during times of uncertainty and we have seen a similar pattern emerge with property in more recent times. The reason for this, people feel that they won’t lose what they have and it can’t be taken away from them.

Property is a great investment in that it gives you the opportunity for both capital growth and the possibility of earning an income. This is not a given right but if you do your due diligence and purchase the right property, in the right area, at the right price you will be well on the road to success. It should be warned that if you are looking at property as an investment it should be viewed in the medium to long term bracket. Property, like all investments can move up as well as down in value but as previously mentioned, the historically long-term performance is favourable.

The problems that tend to be associated with investment properties come from the tenants as opposed to investment itself. Finding tenants is the first obstacle that you need to overcome and then you must find suitable tenants who will look after your property and pay the bills. This can cause a major headache and make this potentially excellent passive income anything but passive. To get around this, many investors employ the services of a property management company although this does not bring with it any guarantees and should be considered carefully as it will erode your ROI.

It is maybe for this reason that many investors are exploring rental guarantee concepts. These concepts offer the perfect solution; your property is managed on your behalf for a given period and you will also receive a given return that you know beforehand. The returns are maybe not quite as high as you could potentially earn but they are secure and come with guarantees meaning they are relatively stress free.

What is even more exciting is the fact that these rental guarantee concepts are now offered in some of the largest hotel chains in the world so you will be investing with the ‘big boys’ and well-known brands. Here in Thailand we have three impressive schemes that are currently available, all in the units within these major hotel chains. This means that investors are buying in a prime location, a property managed by one of the best known 5-star hotels as well as the investments have excellent financial backing.

The investments in question are in the completed Amari hotel in Pattaya and the Best Western and Ramada hotels which are both under construction in Phuket. The rental guarantee concept in the Amari guarantees a return of 5% p.a. for five years with projected returns of over 8% in future years. The Ramada and Best Western both offer guaranteed returns of 7% p.a. for five years with projected returns of over 10% in future years. As you can tell, these are all very attractive investments with the ‘big boys’.


Fixed return investments fully backed by properties.

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