India, a place to invest

May 26, 2017 | Emerging Trends

Successful countries and economies will always attract investors, both domestically and from abroad. India is country that has risen to become a major player on the world stage in recent years in terms of its economic might and is now even described by some observers as being ‘an economic superpower’. The country perhaps still has some way to go before it can genuinely stake claim to being an economic superpower as the infrastructure, although improving rapidly, perhaps holds it back from being able to take that next step.

India, as a country, has the fourth most billionaires in the world and is only behind the US, China and Germany. Impressively, 69% of India’s billionaires are self-made and have come from, in some cases extreme poverty to get to where they are today. Welcoming overseas help and investment, as well as a willingness to export their products abroad has played a huge role in this and on closer inspection it is not hard to see why the country is so successful. This is a country of entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs who want better themselves and their country.

The country is currently experiencing a start-up boom which is occurring in several different sectors but perhaps most significantly in the tech start-up sector. India is now the third largest country globally for tech start-ups and there are high hopes that there will be 2,100 new tech start-ups alone by 2020. Areas such as technology are hugely competitive but with India already performing very brightly it all bodes well for the future. Tech firms are hugely popular with investors but investor interest is certainly not just limited to the one area.

The fact that investors are flocking to India in their droves is perhaps something that would have seemed unimaginable, even just a few years ago. The fact that India has such a strong economy and is looking to improve their infrastructure suggests that bigger and better things are to come in the country and at some stage that will surely include property and not just be restricted to stocks and shares and investing in business opportunities. For the time being at least, it is the Indian people and their drive and determination that is making India appear so attractive to investors, particularly commercial investors.

India is reaching out to the rest of the world and actively encouraging investors to come to the country, something that is rarely seen in many other Asian countries. Of course, some areas are perceived to be more attractive than others and it appears to be renewable energy that is particularly appealing, surprising for country that is often criticised for leaving a huge carbon footprint. To put this into some sort of perspective you need to understand that energy giant EDF is one of the companies looking to invest in India and has already committed to investing $2 billion in the country with India targeting using 60% non-fossil fuels by 2027, exceeding the Paris Climate Agreement targets by 20%.

Naturally, it is not just renewable energy that it is attracting widespread interest. Japan’s Softbank and Taiwanese company Foxconn are committed to investing $20 billion dollars in India and this will probably lead to further investment from other large multinationals. As more companies invest so too will foreign individuals looking to make substantial gains in fledgling markets. Opportunities in new markets and new countries is something that many investors look to do ‘making hay whilst the sun shines’.

India will soon be an economic superpower if it isn’t already and business opportunities are emerging all the time. This is a country that is open to foreign investment, something that should be praised and encouraged. The country is on the up and it is very hard to see that changing anytime

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