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Generating Real Returns

Feb 6, 2017 | Emerging Trends

The one thing that all investors want is a real return and by that we mean one that offers returns greater than inflation. Returns that are available from banks tend to hover around the 1% mark with inflation often three times this figure.

The stock markets are still seen by many investors as volatile and there is still a great deal of uncertainty regarding soon to be elect President Trump and Brexit. Real returns can definitely be made in stocks and shares but not without a certain level of level of risk – deemed too high by the average person.

So where can we look for these elusive real returns? Investment properties have long since been popular with investors gaining confidence from a physical, tangible asset. Demand is high globally for rental properties with the younger generations struggling to get onto the property ladder, so high demand naturally results in higher prices and therefore lower risk but still high returns for investors – something that is almost the perfect combination.

Of course, it would be fool hardy to suggest that any property that you purchase will make fantastic returns. It needs to be in the right location first and foremost, purchased at the right price and be somewhere that is expected to have a long-term demand.

This long-term demand is often in up and coming destinations and it is for this reason that many property investors are now looking overseas to generate excellent real returns. Returns of 10% p.a. are certainly feasible and if you can find a developer offering rental return guarantees then this is almost the dream ticket. One such developer offering this kind of deal is the New Nordic Group based in Pattaya, Thailand. They are offering returns of 10% p.a. guaranteed for periods of five to twenty years on properties that have both been completed or progressing well at the development stage. The group have a sound business plan and experienced management team who have been operating the scheme for ten years and during this time have met all their obligations on time, every time.

The company own literally dozens of completed properties in the area that all have high occupancy rates therefore reducing any strain on the guarantees that they are currently offering. The group have confirmed bookings from both domestic and international tour operators for months and years in advance so there are no question marks surrounding where these tourists will come from.

This is almost the perfect business model that many local developers have tried to emulate with the developer gaining both returns on the construction of the properties as well as a percentage of the rental income whilst investors are guaranteed their 10% p.a.

This is as low risk as you could expect in the present economic climate whilst the return is far greater than almost all other investments – certainly those that are low to medium risk. It is a win, win situation for all concerned and it is surely an investment that anyone looking for real returns should consider.


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