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Fractional Ownership Program

This is an option where you can part-own a condo with several others so that you have somewhere to come each time you visit and save on costly hotel bills.

For as little as 200,000 THB, you could become a shareholder in a property and be able to stay in it for 30 days a year FREE.

This is an all-inclusive price where we have allowed for Property Management, Maintenance fees, Wear and Tear, and even check-in and check out and full cleaning service. 

We have options available from 1 month to 6 months a year.

If you could not make it during your allocated time for any reason, we would try to rent the property out for you, meaning you could potentially make some money.

Initially, we are allocating a few properties to this program to test the market.

We will step in and make up the remaining time left over as we believe that this concept could become successful.

We are pricing it to include Maintenance Fees and Wear and Tear so that there are no nasty surprises for the initial ten years.

We have everything available from 25sqm studios, 300 Sqm Luxury Penthouses, Private Pool Villas and Mansions more a-likened to something out of Hollywood.

Properties available on Fractional Ownership

Project Details – City Center Residence

Closest Hospital – 1.8km
Pattaya Memorial Hospital

Closest Shopping Center – 1.4km
Central Festival Shopping Center

Closest Beach – 2km
Pattaya Beaches

To Walking Street – 2.7km
Walking Street Pattaya

Ownership and Legalities

Any properties available in the “Fractional Ownership Program” would be held in a

company name with all the original documents and title deeds maintained at Magna Carta Law Firm.

Magna Carta would be responsible for managing the company from a tax, administration and legal point of view and would be the company directors, and on behalf of all the shareholders, ensuring the agreed-to terms were followed accurately.

Contact us today to find out what other properties we can offer you with our Fractional Ownership Program.

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