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If I invest in ETA, do I have to have the return paid in Thailand?

No, your return can be paid anywhere in the world.

Is my investment taxable?

This would depend on each case, and where the investor’s returns are being paid, we advise all investors to seek advice from a tax consultant before investing.

How is my investment secured?

Please go to the Escrow Arrangement page of our website.

Can I as the investor cancel the agreement?

Yes, providing they give at least six months written notice to ETA.

Can I include my ETA Rental Guarantee Investment in my will?

Yes, you can transfer any ETA Rental Guarantee Product to another person.

Can I cash out early?

ETA will always endeavour to help our clients in any way possible. However ETA cannot make any guarantee to be able to cash out a client’s investment early, ETA would assess this on a case by case basis taking in several variables including the current market situation at the time of the request.

Do I have to come to Pattaya to invest with ETA personally?

No not initially but at some point, during the investment term, you will need to come to transfer the unit to your name.

Is the return NET or is there any hidden charges?

No, the return is NET you will receive the agreed upon amount each month in full.

If I have a problem during the investment period who do I contact?

Each investor will be assigned a manager who will be able to assist you during the investment period.

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