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Unfortunately, due to the continued resistance within the local real estate market regarding our products and services and an attempt by many industry people/companies trying to stop us, we have had no choice but to make some drastic moves in order to ensure longevity of our operations.

There are many families dependent on the profit generated by our activity, families who for far too long have suffered and are also victims here. The behavior of some local developers, real estate agents, ex-colleagues and even our own staff has led to hundreds of people not receiving the money owed to them on time and in full over the last 6 months.

Always thinking positively though, we continued to operate, confident in what we were doing and the corresponding results it would bring.

We had several transactions set up to complete at the end of February, which would have stabilized things, and the nature in the way these deals were set up with the financial commitments made by the other parties involved made these deals as solid, as solid can be.

Unfortunately, not solid enough and last week was a repeat of what we’ve been experiencing now for nearly 12 months.

This has resulted again in money lost on deposits, failed commitments, and a refueling of the slander campaign in the market, with the main culprits continuing to commit crimes against us.

Sadly, these unfortunate events have rendered us incapable of continuing operations under such conditions.

This however doesn’t mean that we are at all shirking off our obligations to our investors, nor are we threatening to direct liability to another party.

We are accountable, even in cases where we’re not legally obligated, like those where we never received any of the funds invested by our clients, we are still willing to take responsibility.

The fact that it’s our integrity that is in question is something we really are struggling to understand. In May 2018 after the initial whispers of doubt started creeping into the market, we made a very quick decision in an attempt to quash them immediately.

We engaged Magna Carta who are Pattaya’s largest law firm and asked them to handle all our administrative and legal work, to process all our transactions, to handle funds and only release them once the agreed to transaction had been processed, and last but not least, to act with total transparency.

Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars since May last year and finding ourselves in this current position is immensely disappointing to say the least.

We are now making another move as we continue to find the correct formula needed to work with the unforeseen conditions we are facing.

We simply need to clear the doubt currently surrounding my integrity and the legitimacy of the products we are offering.

It is also very important that we get back the money and properties that have been unlawfully withheld from us and that those who have committed crimes against us are brought to justice.


Despite all the trouble we have been working hard on building something new, we have been trading in properties over the last 12 months and have made no secret of this. This trading activity enabled us to sell properties at a price that looked too good to be true. Irrespective of how transparent we were and who we used to process our transactions, many were quick to judge us and believe the worst without taking the time to read or understand the what exactly it is we do and how we do it.

Fortunately, there are some professionals out there who also understand that being a realtor comes with an obligation and duty to constantly be up to date with market conditions and new entrants.

RE/MAX, the World’s Largest Real Estate Company are certainly very professional and it’s no surprise that even with all the negativity in the market, they’ve decided to form their own opinions after actually doing some research.

I was approached by them in late January after they had already done lots of homework on our products and business practices, we’ve since been working together closely and are very grateful for the belief and trust we’ve shown in each other. The determination shown by certain members of the RE/MAX Thailand team has been a
breath of fresh air for us after so much sustained resistance.

RE/MAX are one of the largest organizations globally, and even though the first deals between us should be nearing completion this week before they issue any official statement of endorsement, everything has to go the most stringent due diligence.

RE/MAX’s lawyer, Mr. Paul Bond from SB Law Asia is widely regarded as one of the leading Real Estate Lawyers operating in Southeast Asia. He has full time contracts with various other multinational Real Estate companies, and has started the official diligence process, the progress of which will be updated to you soon.

Due to the lengths to which those with a vested interest are going in order to stop us before we even get started, ETA and my personal reputation have been dragged through the sewers. This has led to some pretty devastating repercussions on every aspect of mine and my family’s life, and has subjected us to threats and disrespect from numerous individuals. These same individuals, in my opinion, are not worthy of the most basic level of human respect as they continue behave in any manor they choose when it comes to dealing with us irrelevant of what the law book might say.

There have been over 100 individual criminal acts made against us in total, these include defamation, conspiracy, forced entry, battery, theft, threatening behavior, false accusations, corporate sabotage, to name a few.

Financially the total cost of this is immeasurable, and irrecoverable. The mental trauma and broken relationships are again something that will never be forgotten.

We have an overwhelming amount of undeniable evidence that has been sifted through by lawyers as and when we’ve been able to make payments for over 6 months now, and yet the pile of work only continues to grow because new crimes are occurring at a quicker rate then we have managed to file them.

In an effort to put any doubts to rest, I have made a further proposal to the lawyers handling the diligence
work instructed by RE/MAX.

Please see details of my proposal below,


This is what I’m doing as a move to attempt to clear any doubt being cast over myself and my company’s integrity. I would like to invite all of those with something to say about my business’ practices to operate under the same microscope, I’ll even pick up the bill.

1 – I will offer my passport to be handed over to the police or any other authority.

I have also offered to hand RE/MAX lawyers and staff the following:

2 – Full access to all the company email accounts.

3 – All access to every agreement with all clients.

4 – Complete authority for them to contact clients directly.

5 – All rights to redraft any existing agreements and get them re-signed.

6 – Rights to restructure anything currently in place to suit their satisfaction.

7 – Access to the bank accounts, personal and company, both in Thailand and overseas and or the option to reroute all income into any new account they set up.

8 – Full details of any assets I own part/part own/have purchases pending on which can be pledged to any investors to sell as security.

This includes without exception all personal and company belongings such as any websites, databases, software, vehicles, and watches I or my companies might own both inside and outside of Thailand.

I’ll also identify the assets owned by my direct family members and if they are mine, I’ll be honest and if not, I’ll be willing to provide verifiable evidence to price they were purchased with funds that weren’t mine.

My mother does the accounts so I’ll also provide access to her personal accounts. I’ll happily answer any questions and account for every single dollar of my clients’ money.

I’ll forfeit any right to any money or assets until anyone with any legitimate claim has the terms of our agreement bought back into line with any and all arrears paid and investments sufficiently secured.

7 – Moving forward I will hand RE/MAX the right to oversee any new deals made going forward and the process in which they are satisfied with and also draft the agreements ensuring client security.

This is yet to be confirmed by the RE/MAX Lawyers, they have started the initial diligence instructed by RE/MAX Thailand, and I am awaiting a decision on this request. In the event my request is declined I’ll turn to the existing clients of ETA to decide which law firm to hand this over too.


House in UK | Equity – 2.5mb

Over 10 Acres of this land – valued at approx 70mb 2 years ago by CBRE

2 x Pool Villas in Krabi | Equity – 10mb

This head office value at around 50mb 2 years ago by CBRE


I’ve a 35 mb balance payment in 50% of 36.5 RAI in Changmai the project is now approved Equity 40mb

5 properties in CCR plus 1 x 2 bedroom in the vision they are fully paid for and unencumbered Equity – 15mb

I also have a breitling watch worth a few hundred thousand THB Plus countless more agreements in place and money owed Again full disclosure for everything will be provided.




PART 8 – SOCIAL MEDIAS (more to add)


We have programmed software to automatically make branded marketing packs with flyers customized to each social media platform to optimize reach.

With the click of a button you can then share our products to your entire social media platform. Advert sharing can even be scheduled in using our sharing software

We have developed a software that enables us to offer completely comprehensive sales and marketing services to any industry in the world. We can feed content into any existing websites in the world in any language. We maintain the ability to control the content making sure it’s updated accordingly and we can decide which content to feed

GPS controlled app giving localized info

Crypto Currency

The reason I have detailed everything is so that I can’t be accused in any way of hiding wealth, operating with bad intention etc.

PART 9 – FOUL PLAY and CRIMES made against us

Only last week we were told that the “free of debt letter” required to complete on a property we have placed a deposit, on would be delayed and wasn’t available.

This was told to us on both before and after the date on which the document was actually issued as confirmed by the company, who were acting on behalf of the seller to carry out the transfer.

Please see screenshots of the Facebook chat with the agent I was buying through and the line chat with the company employed to process the transfer after I decided to contact her directly.

This is a blatant attempt to make me lose my deposits and fail to complete the purchases. Unfortunately this wasn’t an isolated incident in fact it was one of many only last week. These are the conditions we’ve been working under for the last 12 months

We have all the evidence proving multiple other wrongful acts by many individuals and companies, which will be made available.

We also have many people that have been witness to or have been approached by the people working against us in an attempt to recruit them. These people have agreed to testify in court.

We have lost millions of THB in deposits, lost sales, wasted on lawyers fees because of this and we want to bring it to public attention.

June - On trial for fraud

Notified only the night before by my lawyer who not
only was tasked with managing my companies from
an administrative point of view for the previous few
years, but also who on the morning of the start of the
2-day trial, unbeknownst to me, resigned as my lawyer
leaving me without any defense or even a translator.

Obviously, I immediately requested adjournment to
give me time to find new representation, this was
however, denied due to the fact I had already adjourned
multiple times already, again this was new to me.

I was found 100% guilty subject to Thai law and would
have been sentenced to jail had it not been for a
good friend of mine being available, who had contacts in
BKK that saved me at the last minute.

The Crime – Administrative discrepancies not
sanctioned nor carried out by me. The lawyer again
was the one responsible for the crimes here.

September- Theft of money and property

As shown in the pictures it was confirmed to us by a local developer from whom we had purchased some properties that our balance was now cash positive.

We had completed payment and still had 6
properties that had been paid for in full plus a cash balance to be refunded.

The day after completing payment the developer in question decided that the paperwork in which we had already transferred multiple properties from the back was no longer valid and the balances that I had just paid didn’t actually happen.

They have maintained this position while at the same time slandering us further.

September- Staff assaulted at one of our offices

September- Staff assaulted at one of our offices

The manager of one of our companies was
assaulted in the middle of the day in our office
on Pratumnak hill by 2 individuals.

In a planned attack that we have a recording of, the
conversation planning it the day before the
attackers both entered 1 door each.
(First picture)

They proceeded to assault our staff in front of clients
and even children who were in the office at the time.
The reason was because the victim wouldn’t
agree to join the gang that were plotting against us.

A quote made during the planning (we have a
recording off) was “I’m going to drag him out of
the office by his hair and smash his head in” as
the pictures show with his shirt hanging loose,
they had literally ripped the shirt of his back in
their attempt and were only stopped as
someone intervened.

October - False claims made to criminal Journalist

Andrew Drummond – who is already on the run for publishing “fake news” after being contacted by multiple individuals all making false claims and providing no supporting evidence to back their claims, published 2 articles that actually made no accusations at all.

Prior to the release of these articles we were in-fact in touch with Andrew and provided lots of verifiable proof leaving him in no doubt that what he was being told was lies.

However, suffering from mental health issues unfortunately, the fantasy of it being true and me being some kind of mob boss was too good of a story to let the truth get in the way.

These articles led to further loss of business and added huge stress on everyone involved.

All of these instances plus the countless more and its nearly 100 Individual crimes that have been committed by dozens of individuals and companies, these include acts of defamation, theft, forced entry, threatening behavior, conspiracy, and battery are still continuing to this day and show no signs of stopping.

We openly stated in a previous official statement that we welcomed anyone that felt they had been wronged by our company to get in touch with Magna Carta and given details of the claim.

Any legitimate claim would have been dealt with accordingly, which would be to work towards a fair solution.

To this day we are yet to be approached by anyone or be shown any evidence of wrong doing.

1 - Telling the truth

Warning investors not to invest in the local
Real Estate market unless you have certain resources that enable you to ensure above average results.

These articles come with facts and figures that can’t be argued with.

2 - Having Opinions

Formed only after extensive research and years of experience in the market we have dared to form an opinion that goes against what the industry would like us to think.

We then had the cheek to publicize these opinions.

3 - Making our research public

The Guarantee Report we published last year was a detailed report on the dangers of a very popular investment product that has attracted billions of dollars of investment over the last decade.

It’s a great concept however that started to become very dangerous.

We dared to tell people what to look out for.

4 - Success

The hard work we had put into certain projects started to pay off.

The fact that we had enjoyed consistent growth and success since we came into business in Pattaya in 2014 meant that we had already had our fair share.

We mistakenly didn’t realize so it was decided by others that it was time to step in to even things out.

5 - Operate legally

As standard practice all of our admin and legal work was done by established third parties who were instructed to carry out full due diligence and act on behalf of our clients with their security the first priority.

We gave the lawyers full authority to be totally transparent with anyone asking about our business.

6 – We started offering package deals

We offered mortgages to anyone with low interest and down payments

7 – Offer a secure investment

We gave clients the option to exchange their existing property

Every asset will be individually listed, with the exact terms of my position clearly outlined including future commitments.

I will also identify the assets of my family and be willing to provide verifiable evidence to satisfy suspicions that these have been funded through funds siphoned from ETA.

I will give full access to all of the company accounts and any personal accounts of myself and my mother as she has run the finances.

This includes those outside of Thailand.

All I require is the right to legally buy and sell the following of which I’ll happily continue to do under the microscope and subject to RE/MAX’s approval.

And I need flexibility to be able to buy and sell these with payment being made with assets, products and services as well as money.

Plus, I need established independent licensed lawyers to be able to obtain legal authority to process a property transfer on behalf of a 3rd party owner, subject to the prior agreed upon terms.

My family has also received multiple threats and are concerned for our safety, we are also worried about the potential corruption that could take place as we have already been victim to these things and considering the lengths being gone to, we believe there is no limit to what could happen.

On top of handing my passport in I would also like to have the homes of my family and myself under police guard until this is over. So, this will mean my whereabouts are constantly known by the authorities.

As another safety precaution we will work to ensure this case is given as much media attention as possible.


As unbelievable and as shocking as all of this sounds it’s the truth, the facts are very clear, had I have even been guilty of a parking ticket it would have been picked up on by
the amount of people looking for a weakness in my organization.

We stay guilty of only one thing and that is having the foresight to see an opportunity and the courage to pursue it.

Ironically, accusing me of unethical and immoral business practices, and gossiping around town actually makes the individuals involved guilty of the very thing they
are accusing me of.

It’s is the Investors and their families who suffer from the behavior of the people working against us, they are in fact the ones who have caused huge interruptions to our activities and therefore hampered our ability to generate sufficient profits to cover the commitments made.

We again apologize to our investors for the continued inconvenience and stress caused over the last 6-12 months.

Those who are still understanding we thank you for your continued patience.

As we have always maintained we will continue to fight on behalf of our investors and what’s right.

We will continue to remain completely accountable for every Baht invested into any of our products.

We will also continue to offer our products, good and services with the best terms and value as possible whilst remaining feasible.

As a consequence of these issues we right now are still experiencing huge cash
flow issues and are willing to sell assets at hugely discounted prices until we are in
a position where all of our accounts are brought back on line.

We hope this gets some recognition for what it is, which is us making personal and
financial sacrifices on behalf of our clients in recognition of our responsibilities.

Please see current assets and offers available only until we are back on track.

David Simpson
CEO Emerging Trends Advisors

ProjectTypeSizeAverage Market PriceSales Price
Ruamchok 22 Bedroom127 SQMTHB 4,200,000THB 2,500,00
City Center ResidenceStudio25 SQMTHB 1,500,000THB 995,000
Prime Suites2 Bedroom153 SQMTHB 8,000,000THB 4,750,000
Hyde Park 21 Bedroom52 SQMTHB 2,200,000THB 1,400,000

Mortgage Lending Opportunity

We are willing to mortgage assets, borrowing 50% of the fair market value and paying 1% NET per month interest.

Again this option is only available until things are back in order.

The process requires registering the mortgage on the back of a clan title deed at the land office?

All the fees will be covered by us.

Example of loan – 600,000 THB we would like to borrow and would offer a studio unit in City Centre Residence as the property the debt would be registered against?

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