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All of our guarantees are secured by other real estate assets which have been pledged to established legal companies who have legal authority to liquidate these assets and directly distribute the proceeds back to our clients.

What does ‘escrow’ mean?

Escrow is a term that refers to a third party hired to handle the property transaction, the exchange of money and any related documents. Escrow comes into play once both parties have reached an agreement or offer. The escrow agent handles many things.

Any asset placed in “escrow” is subjected to the following

1) Full Due Diligence Report confirming
 The asset is debt free
 There is complete clarity of ownership
 No pending law suites

2) Valuation Report carried out by one of  
 Knight Frank
 Or a Major Bank (example. HSBC)

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Investments ‘held in escrow’

Monies held “In escrow” is a legal procedure that is used when a real property requires a transfer of title deed of a property. An escrow account is opened by the agent when the sellers of the property and the buyers of the property have agreed on the selling price, the terms and are ready to close the deal. The parties on both sides will sign all appropriate documents, and the escrow account is ready to be opened. A property can be in escrow for an extended period or even just a few days. It depends on how complex and challenging the transaction is.

With this ‘escrow ‘ arrangement in place, it means that even if we failed to meet our commitments, our clients would never face the inconvenience of a lengthy and costly legal battle, making our guarantees real and our investments as secure as possible.

Escrow Agents

Here at ETA, we are always 100% transparent with our clients, and we appoint an escrow agent that only meets these criteria:

 No history of dealing with us
 Minimum 10-year trading history
 No history of any wrongdoings

The agents are given the following responsibilities to ensure the transaction is safe and secure and all monies involved are protected:

  • To act in the best interest of the client
  • To confirm the legal authority to liquidate
  • To uphold the legal obligation to refund investors’ money
  • To confirm the assets are debt free
  • To ensure that the total value of commitments that are being secured by the assets in “escrow” never exceeds 65% of the total value of the assets.

This escrow period can be a very confusing time for both the sellers and buyers. It is imperative that everyone understands precisely what is happening and why. If you are confused by something, our team at ETA will always be on hand to assist with this process and to ensure that your Investment monies are held securely and with no compromise in the handling or security of your Investment with us.

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