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Some investors seek the opportunity of higher returns, or like to spread their investment over many different products.

Not all investors need rigid fixed terms. Sometimes investors are not satisfied with the feeling of a passive income and want to become more ‘involved’ in the business or project.

We of course source these types of investments for our clients, ensuring reliable partners offering such products with higher return opportunities.

Higher return investments usually carry an element of higher risk, and so we do our upmost to find the projects with attractive returns whilst minimising the risks as much as possible.

Typical examples of such investments are the development of a hotel, renovation of an existing development, or simply investment into a business. Investment products like this may come with or without collateral. Returns are not fixed, but projected, according to the business plan of the project. 

These types of investments are suitable for investors that do not need fixed returns and/or returns paid regularly on fixed terms. Ideal for investors that dont mind to take a bit of risk for the potential to receive higher returns, which often achieve 20% and above.


Higher return opportunities


Participation in profit sharing from a real business and/or project


Legal framework is done by top-tier international law and financial companies


Transparent reporting from international audit companies


Regular reports on business/investment performance

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