The Dream Of a Passive Income

The dream of a passive income is something that humans have aspired to for years. The idea that you can get your hard-earned money working hard for you and giving you a great return. A passive income is an income that you get from basically sitting back and do nothing. All you have to do is invest some cash in project, stocks and shares or more often than not, a rental property. Many of us feel that it is just a dream but is it that unrealistic?

If you have a reasonable level of savings the chances are that you will be able to generate a passive income of some form. The returns vary as too do the levels of risk involved. Not surprisingly as a general rule, the greater the risk, the greater the potential return. If you are considering a passive income you need to evaluate your personal circumstances such as where you are in the investment cycle, your tolerance to risk and whether you actually want to get involved.

Regardless of what method you choose to generate your passive income there is one thing in common, the investment will be medium to long term. Make sure you don’t need this money for your day to day needs and ensure you keep an emergency fund.

The dream of a passive income

Rental or investment properties are a popular way to generate a passive income. They are a physical asset that you can see and touch so are therefore viewed as tangible as opposed to a share certificate for example. Demand is high for rental properties at the present time so this reduces the risk that is associated with such an investment and so long as you do your research and buy your property for the right price in the right area, economically, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to generate a good return.

The problem with investment properties as a form of passive income is that they can all too often require a lot of you time and attention – taking away the passive element. The most common problem is associated with rental properties is firstly finding and keeping tenants and secondly, ensuring that the tenants are ‘quality’ tenants and by that we mean they will take care of your property and pay the rent on time.

The ideal way to get around this is to have a rental guarantee and someone else manages your property on your behalf. They must deal with all the day to day issues but you still get your income in the form of rent. This really would be the perfect way to generate a passive income but sadly these opportunities, especially those that live up to the billing are few and far between.

One example of this type of scheme that actual works in practice is available from the New Nordic Group who are based in Pattaya, Thailand but have projects in many other destinations. They offer a scheme that pays a guarantee return of 10% p.a. for a duration of between five and twenty years. This concept has been in place for around a decade and has been so successful that a huge percentage of new properties sold are sold to existing clients who are delighted with their investment.

If you dream of generating a passive income and 10% p.a. for five to twenty years appeals to you, then you should consider investing with the New Nordic Group. It needn’t be just a dream any longer!


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