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Demand For Rental Property Has Never Been Higher

Feb 9, 2017 | Emerging Trends

You don’t have to search too far in the press to discover that tenants around the world are demanding more rental properties to be made available. Property prices have increased globally over the last few years meaning that many first-time buyers are struggling to get onto the property ladder.

This obviously has social issues but if we look at this purely from an economic perspective it does present a great opportunity for investors.

Of course, rental properties can take on many different guises. They can be houses for long-term rent, flats and apartments, holiday homes and student accommodation. All of these are perfectly sound investments if you do your research and due diligence but you need to ensure that the property that you purchase matches your expectations and goals. Some investments carry more risk than others and liquidity can always be an issue should you need to sell quickly.

Demand for rental property has never been higher
Demand for rental property has never been higher


It depends very much on where you are in the investment cycle for what your overall goals are likely to be but for the majority of people, they would look for the best return with the minimum amount of risk – it goes without saying! Subject to the due diligence that we mentioned, it is easy to generate attractive returns.

The issues and problems associated with rental properties tend to come from the tenants – finding them, retaining them and ensuring they pay on time so this is something that can put people off.

Often paying for someone to manage your property on your behalf is the answer for many people although this can significantly reduce your return on investment – especially if your property is not rented for any length of time. Also, unless you pre-agree specific terms there is no guarantee how long you will receive the returns for so what appears attractive now may not be in two or three years’ time.

In an ideal world, you would be able to purchase a property, rent it for a guaranteed period, for a guaranteed return, have it fully managed by an experienced management team and you simply receive your income on a monthly basis. This would be the perfect form of passive income that generates the returns that you are aiming for and requires minimum effort on your part. So, imagine if this investment was available and paid a return of 10% p.a.?

Well, in actual fact this investment already exists and has done so for over a decade so has a proven track record and has been enjoyed by hundreds of extremely satisfied clients who return to purchase more properties to add to their portfolio.

The investment is from the New Nordic Group who are based in Pattaya, Thailand. The group are experienced local developers who build properties aimed purely at investors and have a well-established business model. The opportunity works by the investor buying the property from the New Nordic Group and immediately ‘renting’ it back to the developer. The group guarantee a rent of 10% p.a. for periods of between five and twenty and take care of the full management of the property. As you ‘rent’ your unit direct to the group, who in turn sub-let it out to tour companies who have long standing agreements in place, you are guaranteed your income each month by the developer – you don’t even have to worry about your particular unit being rented.

This really is the perfect investment for anyone looking for excellent returns for minimum effort and minimum risk.


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