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Cosmopolitan Pattaya

Feb 7, 2017 | Emerging Trends

There are many things that make Pattaya so appealing but one thing always stands out and that is how cosmopolitan the city. The city attracts guests from all over the world, different religions and different races all of which appear to mix harmoniously.

The city quite literally caters for everyone in terms of their interest, their food and their beliefs. It is probably for this reason why Pattaya welcomes an increasing number of tourists each year and why many of these tourists are repeat visitors.

Pattaya is a cosmopolitan city because it excels at giving people what they want. Not only does it give people what they want but it does so without offending others. The city is constantly evolving and what is in vogue one month may not be the same the following month. If you have an interest or you want to do something the chances are, if it is not available now it soon will be once you have expressed an interest.

Cosmopolitan Pattaya

Cosmopolitan Pattaya


The fact that Pattaya is so diverse is perhaps one of the reasons why it attracts large amounts of overseas investment. Demand is high for rental properties so therefore developers are more than happy to build such properties. Obviously, developers want to sell the units that they have built so they offer attractive incentives to investors that are once again mutually beneficial to both the developer and investor.

These investors are once again from all around the globe as they can see the rich pickings that are available in such as prosperous city.

It doesn’t matter what culture you are from or where you are from in the world, everyone loves a great deal and the opportunity to earn more money at a relatively low risk. Thailand is a political and economically stable country that is seeing significant economic growth along with increasing numbers of tourists.

This make the country and tourist cities such as Pattaya and Phuket perfect places to invest and gain some very real returns.

The returns are high and the risks are low, the perfect combination for any investors.

One great investment at the moment is available from the New Nordic Group, an experienced local developer based in the Pratamnak area of the city. For the last decade, they have been offering investors a 10% p.a. return for periods of between five to twenty years.

The scheme is skilfully devised ensuring that both the developer and the investor achieve their desired goals. The key behind this is the cosmopolitan nature of Pattaya and the fact that the city attracts visitors from all around the world throughout the year.

The New Nordic Group has managed to secure long term contracts and therefore long-term bookings with tour operators based both in Thailand and overseas. The fact that the tour operators bring tourists from all over means that the natural peaks and troughs are easily ironed out and indeed the company now only requires relatively low occupancy rates in order to meet all their obligations.

This is one of the most attractive investments around at the present time and is down in no small part to the diverse and cosmopolitan nature of Pattaya.


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