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The last last official poll, suggests that the population of the Kingdom of Thailand was just over 69 million people. This was in 2010, so it is fair to say that it will have an increased slightly over the last eight years. The the population of Thailand is growing at roughly 0.32% per annum.

The capital city is Bangkok, which has a population of approximately nine million citizens.

Expatriates from around the world have settled in Thailand with the majority coming from Asian nations, such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and China. It is estimated that there are over 86,000 people from the United Kingdom, who now call Thailand home. The United States account for some 41,000 and many Europeans, Japanese and Indians, now live in Thailand.

The nation speaks a number of languages, with the majority of people using Central Thai or what is often referred to as Siamese. Other regional languages such as Lao (Isan), are also heard around the country. However, English is becoming more popular, typically within the tourist regions and the younger generation.

The official religion of Thailand is Buddhism. Over 93% of the population are estimated to be Buddhist, with almost 5% being Muslim and Christians accounting for 1.2% of the people’s religious beliefs.

Life expectancy of Thai nationals is 73 years, although women tend to live slightly longer than their male equivalents.

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