How can Thailand benefit from Chinese men looking for love?

Feb 23, 2017 | Emerging Trends

China’s one child policy was overturned in 2015 but it has still left country with millions more men than women. The difference is expected to be 30 million by 2020 and by 2030 more 25% of Chinese men will remain unmarried. This gender imbalance is making it harder for Chinese men to find a partner and they are starting to get desperate!

Men over the age of 30 are known as Shengnan, or “left over men” and are taking to elaborate methods to try and attract partners. It has been said that one man from Guangzhou, who was one of the lucky ones with a girlfriend, purchased 99 iPhones that formed part of a rather bizarre marriage proposal. Sadly, for the gentleman in question his proposal was rejected and to add to humiliation the event was posted on social media and widely shared!

So how could Thailand offer assistance to these unlucky in love fellas from China? Well, Thailand is now an extremely popular destination of Chinese tourists coming for the beautiful scenery, the various attractions and the shopping, so the ladies would seem an obvious added attraction.

How can Thailand benefit from Chinese men looking for love?

Thailand has lots of available, beautiful women who are all looking for love and a good honest man who will take care them and their families.

These ladies are available all around the country but can be found in large numbers in the tourist hotspots. They are friendly and many will be happy to make the first move especially with those who are maybe a little shy and lacking in experience. These ladies will show visitors the ropes, take them round the various sites in the city they are in, a basically “show them a good time”. For the naïve gentleman, what more could they ask for?

Thai ladies are naturally excellent at taking care of the home, good at cooking and general looking after their man but most importantly, they are available and looking for marriage and security. There is no need to search high and low in China or face humiliation like the poor guy in Guangzhou when they can find beautiful, friendly girls who will take the lead and quite frankly, choose the man!

It is definitely an avenue that tour operators should be looking to explore and highlight to these unlucky in love chaps the opportunities that are out there. Not only can they enjoy a break in the sun, take in the relatively clean air, enjoy the many temples until their hearts content, they can now find a girlfriend and perhaps even a future wife. It sounds like the perfect solution and a nothing to lose option.

All this may seem like a little tongue in cheek but the fact is the situation won’t alter for this or perhaps the next generation.

There is no way of increasing the number of Chinese females in the 30-40 age group so there is a need for a little assistance from the outside. What better solution than to bring in some stock from Thailand!

Of course, Thailand benefits by having a great increase in the number of visitors who are looking for love, all willing to spend money on impressing the locals. This means local attractions, local shops and of course even more visitors to the hotels and condominium and complexes such as those offer by the New Nordic Group in Pattaya.

This could and should be a growing market, Thailand benefits from the tourists and the Chinese gentleman are successful in their quest to find love or a wife at least.

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