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Jan 17, 2017 | Emerging Trends

It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is one thing that we should all be doing and that is building a secure financial future. When we are in our twenties this may involve putting money aside each month into a savings account or starting a pension but as we reach our fifties and sixties we start look at alternatives and getting our money to work for us.

Pensions and some savings in bank, often enough to be classed as an emergency fund, are essentials but to have any real long term security we need to have something that gives a return above the rate of inflation – after all, if we don’t we are effectively throwing our hard-earned cash away. There are lots of options that you can consider, ranging from long-term savings accounts to stocks and shares and of course property.

There are benefits to all of these different forms of investment and in all honesty, we should perhaps look, where possible, to have a combination. The level of risk tends to vary and with it the return that you can expect. Bonds with banks may pay 2-3% p.a. if indeed you a very lucky but they are perhaps considered the safe option. Individual shares, even those in blue-chip companies always carry a certain element of risk but potentially give greater returns, however the risk of losing some or maybe even all of your capital is always present.


Then we can look at property. Investment properties are becoming increasingly popular and it is not hard to understand why. They are physical asset that you can see and touch and they are something that has a secondary use, other than being an investment, in the fact that they can be lived in so therefore the perceived risk is often far lower than what it would be with stocks and shares.

The biggest risk associated with investment properties is finding ‘appropriate’ tenants. This means tenants who occupy your property, pay the rent on time as well as looking after it. This may not sound too difficult but it is surprising how many horror stories you hear. So, imagine, if you could have an investment property that paid you 10% p.a. WITHOUT the headache of having to find suitable tenants. How attractive would that be to you?

Well, this is not beyond imagination and in fact a project offering just this is available in Pattaya, Thailand. The New Nordic Group are offering a 10% p.a. rental guarantee on their properties for periods of five to twenty years. The return is paid by the New Nordic Group and is NOT dependant on your individual unit being rented – you will be paid out regardless. The scheme has been in operation for around a decade so is tried and tested and has always paid out, on time and in full. In fact, all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch the income roll into your bank account every month.

Where else, in the current economic climate, would you get this sort of return with so little risk? Surely, it is worth adding a New Nordic property to your investment portfolio to build your financial future?

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