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BIGO Technology to invest $100 million in India operations

Mar 4, 2019 | Emerging Trends, India

The company will soon start its regional centre in India and will be creating employment opportunities to more than 1,000 tech professionals.

Tech to make employees smart and efficient

In today’s digital-first landscape, companies are increasingly relying on intelligent technology to streamline processes and automate tasks. Towards this, IT services major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has joined hands with Nanoheal, a predictive workspace automation platform provider, to offer enterprises cognitive, self-healing end-user device management solutions.

TCS and Nanoheal will partner to deliver solutions that combine TCS’ expertise in managing workspaces with deep delivery capabilities, across leading organisation-wide transformations, with Nanoheal’s automated, proactive, self-healing device platform to ensure a seamless, error-free enterprise workspace. The workspace automation platform simplifies technology ownership at work and home. The platform includes one-click user self-help, device self-healing, and agent-assisted device monitoring and automation. Nanoheal’s ability to support a wide range of network devices – including PC, mobile, and IoT devices – along with its extensive suite of automation makes it unique in its market. “Enterprises today are looking to use digital technologies to deliver exceptional experiences, not just for their customers but also for their employees,” said Raman Venkatraman, vice-president and global head, Alliances and Technology Unit, TCS.

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BIGO Tech to invest $100m in India operations

BIGO Technology, a fast-growing Singapore-based Internet company, has announced plans to invest over $100 million for its business in India over the next three years. With over 40 patents in VoIP/Video related technology and over 60 patents are under the process of application, BIGO Technology is one of the major companies globally in the field of app development and publishing of apps. Jason Hu, co-founder and CTO, BIGO Technology said India’s position as the second largest market for smartphones, the growing Internet infrastructure and the burgeoning young population were the three key points to make this decision. The company will soon start its regional centre in India and will be creating employment opportunities to more than 1,000 tech professionals.

Article Source: financial press

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