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The Emerging Trends Real Estate Portfolio held under lock and key

This is the structure in place that enables us to offer investment products that are:

Low – Medium risk


High Guaranteed returns or even higher potential but not guaranteed returns


Total Transparency


Complete Accountability


3rd party Intermediary’s


No chance of dispute


3rd party Comprehensive Management Companies


Completely hassle-free investing and total peace of mind.

The structure (below) consists of a “holding company” which is a company that will own the shares of our “asset holding companies”, linking them to one another and forming the structure “EMERGING TRENDS ADVISORS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PLATFORM – PATTAYA” also referred to as “ETA Property Trading Fund”, “ETA, Real Estate Portfolio, held under lock and key” “ETA escrow” “ETA Property Bank” and “ETA Real Estate fund”.

All Real Estate Products based out of Pattaya are offered from this structure.


  • A brand new Thai Limited Company set up to isolate the business activity from the assets securing our investors to ensure complete protection.  
  • A new company incorporated in August 2019  
  • Has never been used for any other business activity 
  • Will only be used for buying and selling shares of “other companies.” 
  • The investors will have an agreement with ETA RE PATTAYA outlining the terms of their investment which confirms their agreed returns, final settlement.  
  • ETA RE PATTAYA has an exclusive Management contract in place with ETA for both “fund management” and “property management” This agreement is indefinite, subject to the criteria being followed.  
  • The “other companies” of which ETA RE PATTAYA are “Pre-Authorised” to purchase, are subject to a full and comprehensive due diligence report being carried out by an established independent lawyer. The lawyers who carry out the due diligence have to approve any company as being “safe to buy” before and after the purchase being carried out. 
  • In the event, ETA RE PATTAYA is ever 90 days behind on their commitments (payments) to the investors, or their equity falls below the agreed-to % the exclusivity clause in the management contract with ETA becomes obsolete, and the shareholders are entitled to seek alternative management.  
  • ETA and Partners agree to keep minimum total investment value of 100,000,000 THB (one hundred million Thai Baht) in ETA RE PATTAYA.   
  • The investors will have access to the information which will be updated on the website live.
  • This information will be put into a summary and sent out every week, viewable at all times here – www.emergingtrendsadvisors.com/etarepattaya

The asset holding companies will have Real Estate assets owned by ETA RE PATTAYA and used to secure Investors into ETA ABI. In the event they are leveraged, or purchased on ETA Rental Guarantee, ETA Rent to Buy, ETA Fractional Ownership or anything another type of transaction.

Why we structured it this way ?

This was done, like everything else we do, with the mindset of our investors and what would they want. 

  1. Peace of mind that it is legal and above board.   
  2. To be told everything they need to know.  
  3. Legalities.   

As a clause in the management contract between ETA RE PATTAYA and ETA. ETA is required to install an independent established licensed 3rd legal firm to act as an intermediary between the investors and ETA and partners, ensuring that everything is 100% legal.  

This ensures that the activities are approved by an independent legal company:  

 Due diligence reports on potential purchases  
 Drafting of all contracts  
 Processing of all sales and purchases

ETA has chosen to use Magna Carta as their lawyers for the Pattaya region.


ETA, as part of the Management Agreement, has committed to the following “standard practice has been put in place to ensure full transparency.

  • Any transactions will be logged onto the website daily along with the supporting documentation.
  • The 3rd party law firm must update the following information every week and send it to all investors by email and also be available on www.emergingtrendsadvisors.com/etarepattaya

 The total market value of Real Estate assets
 Total amount invested by clients of ETA RG and ETA ABI 
 Total new Cash Investment  
 Total new Real Estate Investment   
 ETA RE PATTAYA bank account balance  
 Real Estate P&L last seven days  
 Cash P&L last days  
 Entire NET profit previous seven days  
 Current % of fund value owned by investors  
 Current % of fund value owned by ETA and Partners

All investors will be given a “Client ID number” which will enable them to reach their payments and confirm their investment has been logged in the system.

This way, our clients know that the figures we are quoting against the asset portfolio are correct and we are not able to “over-leverage”.

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