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Safe, Flexible, Profitable

An investment product that offers excellent flexibility and rewards you for  the amount you invest.

The higher your investment the higher your return.

The longer the term you invest for the higher your return.

We offer you the option of investing for a capital gain. Investing for a regular return or even a bit of both

Example of some of the terms on our plans developed for a client’s primary objective that is to receive a steady performance:

If it’s a capital gain investment that you are looking for, with the intention of turning your money into as much as you can then ‘cashing’ it in with one lump sum, we have multiple options available for you. Please see a few examples below:

ETA Asset-Backed investment is an investment product that enables you the freedom with regard to topping up or withdrawing from your investment when the time might arise unexpectedly.

We all love using Real Estate as an investment vehicle, and that’s because we are secured by something we can touch and feel, something that can’t disappear in the next financial collapse, and it’s something simple to understand.

The one drawback with it though is that it’s not very flexible, we can’t just “cash in” if we are a little bit short one month or some unexpected cost has popped up from nowhere.

At the same time if we had a small unexpected windfall or we had accidentally been underspending for a few months, and we found ourselves with a little nest egg biting a hole in our pocket we can’t just add it on to the investment property we just bought.

The taxes, lawyers’ fees and agents’ commissions associated every time  we either buy or sell a property also mean it’s tough to make any profit at all unless you are in it for the medium to long term.

Another restricting element which for a lot of us simply mean investing in Real Estate isn’t even an option available to us is the price. There aren’t many properties for sale anywhere in the world for $5,000 or USD 10,000, which unfortunately means the majority of the world’s  population simply can’t consider it.

The one last negative with an investment property is for you to maximise the potential profits you need to be hands-on and manage it.

ETA Asset-Backed Investment is a product that enables anyone irrelevant of their budget to make an investment into Real Estate and enjoy all the benefits that make it so attractive: 

The security of knowing that it will always be there
The reliability of a fixed regular income
The benefit of knowing your capital isn’t being eroded by capital gains

This product also gives you some fantastic other benefits:

  1. The ability to draw on 10% of your total investment without penalty with 30 days’ notice
  2. The ability to top up your investment at any time you like and instantly start earning interest in the extra amount invested.
  3. The option to have your investment linked to multiple currencies
  4. The option to have your returns paid in multiple countries
  5. Low entry-level with minimum investment only 50,000 THB

How can we afford to pay such high returns?

Trading them and utilising our group of companies is where the profits come from to offer the guarantees we are.

We have various ways we are working the current market conditions to yield profits; some we have done lots of testing and are just about to launch and others which are tried and tested with proven results.

We are selling properties with Rental Guarantees
We are offloading large batches of properties to Real Estate Investment Trusts
We are offering other incentives with every property sale
We are also offering other incentives to the tenants that rent our properties
We are offering multiple terms in which our clients can buy our properties, such as:

  1. Property Exchange
  2. Rent to Buy
  3. Mortgages
  4. Fractional ownership
  5. Timeshare

All of these along with our own Real Estate agencies and Marketing companies give us the advantage and enable us to trade more profitably.

How can I be sure it’s legal, and that my money is secure?

We have engaged with the most established local law firm in Pattaya to carry out the following tasks on our behalf:


Thorough due diligence on all properties they are either buying or selling.
 Prepare contracts and process all purchase and sales for buyer and seller.
 Do the accounting on all of the companies owned or controlled by ETA CEO David Simpson.
 Ensure that all of ETA Groups business practices are legal and correct.
 Structure an escrow-type arrangement which enables further properties to be used to secure any commitments made by ETA while offering their Investment Products.
 To operate with complete transparency and with authority, to tell anyone and everyone anything and everything about anything and everything.
 To make weekly updates notifying everyone of any relevant changes to the group of companies.

No expense has been spared by ETA while packaging these latest investment products.

Please CLICK HERE to review the Employment Contract between Magna Carta and Emerging Trends Advisors.

Please see the holding structure for our assets by – Clicking Here.


MAGNA CARTA who will handle all of our Legal, Administrative and Accounting work.

MAGNA CARTA Law Firm opened their office in Pattaya, Thailand on 17th December 2003 with a team consisting of Barristers, Lawyers as well as Russian, German, English-speaking lawyers and consultants, enabling them to offer you first-class services in criminal and civil law, as well as in accounting and business planning. They have extensive knowledge and in-depth experience in the different fields of Law as well as in accounting and tax consultancy.

MAGNA CARTA is the leading law firm in Pattaya and Eastern Seaboard you can trust, as each of their team members is a dedicated specialist in their field of practice, which is essential in delivering exceptional solutions and services to their clients. Founder and CEO Mr Chalermwat Wimuktayon (Pico) is the Chairman of The Lawyers Association of Pattaya Provincial Court.

How do you value the assets securing my investment?

At ETA, we work with total transparency and at our own expense which has run into millions of dollars, we engage with third-party world-renowned companies to value our assets, audit our companies, run feasibility reports and make all of these entirely viewable for any existing investors or potential new investors.

Please click on the link below to download and view sample valuations:

CBRE – Sihanoukville
Knight Frank – Sihanoukville
CBRE Draft Valuation Report
CBRE Proposal & Engagement Letter for Valuation
SASCO Property Valuation

See some examples below:

When valuing residential properties, we do them ourselves using the following method:

We need to find out the following details: 

  • The Current Market Sales value
  • The Current Market Rental value
  • The Standard the Property is kept
  • The Value of the furniture
  • The Floor
  • The Ownership Quota
  • The View
  • The Legal fees
  • Maintainace fees
  • How Rentable the property is
  • How Sellable the property is

We start by filling out an application form with all the details of your property.
Found here on our website: Manage My Investment Application Form

If you are interested in our Property Exchange Product – please fill in your details and the properties details on our Application Form.
Found here on our website: Property Exchange Management Application Form

We know that looking at the portal only is not enough. As a tactic, local agents often post listings with false prices.

These listings are placed to attract clients or to manipulate the true value of properties.

Obviously, we do use the listings portals but you need to look into them a little more than you might think.

Once we have all the relevant information we will make a report and perspective offers. 

If you feel that we are valuing things incorrectly, then please get in touch with us, and we would be more than happy to take on any constructive criticism you might have.
“Please CONTACT US! to speak to one of our Investment Consultants”

Here are the returns we offer depending on the term invested for and the amount invested:

Depending on the size of the investment, you can have specific properties transferred over to you, giving you further peace of mind.

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