Always have a long-term outlook

Feb 7, 2017 | Emerging Trends

In the modern world, we are always looking for quick fixes and instant results and this is often at the detriment of long-term gains. Yes, we want to see the benefits instantly but sometimes it is better just to let things run their course and make greater gains but over a longer period. Investing is one such area where it pays to look long-term rather than short-term. After all, surely that is what investing is, investing in the long-term?

Anything that makes significant sums of money quickly will carry a large amount of risk. You could make great returns but then again you could lose you capital. If this is your hard-earned money that you have built up over years, maybe even decades the risk of losing significant amounts of your capital is something that is not worth contemplating. Almost every investment that you make these days is designed to generate returns over years rather than months. That includes shares, bonds and of course investment properties.

If you are lucky, you can make quicker returns with investment properties but really these types of investment are intended to generate returns over years. This way you are likely to gain from capital growth as well as receiving a regular income. Investment properties are popular sources of passive income at the moment but to get the maximum benefit you need to look at the long-term opportunities.

Always have a ong term outlook
Always have a ong term outlook


The location of the property is first and foremost the most important factor that will determine if and how much of a return you will generate. The property needs to be purchased in a desirable area and something that once again has long-term prospects rather than a ‘flash in the pan’. If you meet this criterion and assuming that the property has been purchased at the right price you stand a good chance of earning yourself a healthy return. The only issue remaining then is the quality of your tenants. Quality tenants will be the difference between a lucrative passive income and potentially a loss.

This investment is currently available from the New Nordic Group in Pattaya, Thailand. They are offering this very deal of 10% p.a. guaranteed whilst they fully manage your property. All you must do is agree to tie your money up for the medium to long-term and in return you will receive a monthly income that can be used as you see fit. There are very few investments globally paying this sort of return over this duration so surely it is worth adding to your portfolio?

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