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Emerging Trends Advisors are an investment consultancy company specialising in asset backed investment in South East Asia.

We offer both small and large investors an alternative to the current unattractive returns of bank deposits and saving plans.


Why Choose Us?

Retail bank savings accounts/fixed rate deposits are currently offering disappointing returns.

We place strong emphasis in bringing better opportunities to the general public, helping them to achieve better returns on their money which in turn increases their quality of life or provides better futures.

This is what gets us up in the morning and allows us to feel good about our work.

We speak several languages and already have numerous investors from all over the world.

We work with international reliable partners – including investment banks, law firms and valuation companies.

See What Are Customers Are Saying About Us

Real People, Real Feedback

Yasufumi Fukunaga

Yasufumi Fukunaga


Starting with a small investment as a test, I have now established long term working relations with ETA. I consider their service both reliable and professional and would definitely recommend this company as a long-term partner.

Anirban Aditya

Anirban Aditya


Our company, Aditya Group, has developed a strong partnership with Emerging Trends Advisors. It started as a personal investment and now our companies are working on multiple investment projects in South-East Asia
Abdulrahman Kilani

Abdulrahman Kilani


The ETA team are professional and very knowledgeable in their field. I have a dozen different investments throughout the world and now focus primarily on the options offered by ETA. The ROI is always very good whilst at the same time safe and secure