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Emerging Trends Advisors is a focused Wealth Accumulation Consultant Company, specialising in asset-backed Investments in the ASEAN region. We developed a key idea around Investments that are client focused and offer secure financial products for the investor of today. ETA provides an array of investment products to suit each individual’s personal situation.

Although our investment options may vary, our basic principles are continuously followed with zero compromises.

Currently, we manage a portfolio stretching across multiple countries worth hundreds of millions of dollars. We have enjoyed a very rapid growth rate, and we are continually working hard to ensure we become a one-stop shop for all your financial needs. We act with 100% transparency and always use only the most established 3rd parties to give their opinions on asset values, ability to cover our commitments and to confirm that at all times we are operating within the laws that we are obligated.


We ensure that the three fundamental concerns every potential investor has before deciding on making any investment go through the following process.


To give not only our clients peace of mind but also to protect ourselves, we always use lawyers to inspect our work at least and confirm that; We are operating completely legal. We use CMS law internationally but often consult with Magna Carta or Blumenthal Richter and Sumet when dealing in Thailand.


We offer multiple investment products most of which are real estate backed, so when selecting any particular asset to secrete an investment or when deciding how much investment we should take against any asset, we leave it to the experts to decide. We use either a large international real estate valuation company such as CBRE, JLL or Knight Frank or we use the global banks such as HSBC as a minimum on the smaller residential properties. We will use major national banks such as Barclays, Kasikorn Bank, and Bangkok Bank.

Ability to pay

Fully aware that even when an investment is secured, the last thing any investor wants is a legal battle or even a delay in getting their money. We might have audits done on any businesses; price the ability to repay is already in place, and for this, we use the likes of KPMG or PWC.





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Frequently Asked Questions


The majority of our standard investment products are secured by real estate assets. Some investments are pure real estate in the sense that the investor owns the property outright, while other forms of investments use other people’s assets as collateral to secure loans etc. In the later, the assets are professionally valued, and the loans are only taken out at a safe and reasonable loan to value.


If you are investing in real estate with a view to taking possession at a later stage then a visit to the area and the project would be desired by most investors as per the financial management strategy. If opting for another style of investment, then a visit is not usually necessary as the due diligence has already been carried out by our financial advisors. The investments and financial services are structured by comprehensive professional financial management and investment management companies are secured by real estate assets.

what happens if my monthly payments stop?

Investors in a regular return investment have their investments secured against a tangible asset. If the provider of the bond/loan note defaults, then the asset can be sold and the funds returned to the investor – the same as a bank and a mortgage. This is all set up with professional law firms as part of the investment and financial management structure.


Most forms of income all over the world are subject to taxation. The specific details of taxation will differ depending upon your country of residence for tax purposes, your investment and income situation, and of course, the structure and country where you invest. We cannot give a standard ‘one size fits all’ answer and suggest you consult personal tax advice specific to your choice. Some Investments are pure real estate in the sense that the investor owns the property outright, while other forms of investments use other people’s assets as collateral to secure loans etc. In the later, the assets are professionally valued, and the loans are only taken out at a safe and reasonable ‘loan to value’.

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I am representing a few business groups in India. Together with Emerging Trends Advisors, we have participated in several investment projects in Thailand, India and Cambodia. ETA is a trustworthy partner with a team of experienced, devoted professionals aiming for a long-term relationship. I strongly recommend them for personal and business investments.

Mr. Singh

Thinking about my pension, I have chosen long term investments in managed properties with assured regular returns. I am fully satisfied with ETA services – I was assigned Ruslan as my personal consultant and completely vouch for their professionalism and responsiveness.

Alexandre Khlopkov

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