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Phuket Condominium

  7% Assured returns for 5 years

  Established developer

  Branded management

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Aditya Group Bond

  Fixed returns of 8% – 15%

  Income or Capital gain

  Secured against real estate

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Renewable Energy Shares

  Profit Share

  High Returns

  Established solid company

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Aditya Group Bond – Safe, Secure, Ethical

A Little Bit About Ourselves

Emerging Trends Advisors are an investment consultancy company specialising in asset backed investment in South East Asia. We offer both small and large investors an alternative to the current unattractive returns of bank deposits and saving plans. Learn More


Why Choose Us?


Due Diligence

We ensure that thorough research and due diligence is carried out before recommending any investment products.

Guaranteed Returns

Emerging Trends Advisors will endeavour to negotiate guaranteed returns and fixed term investments for all our clients.

Risk Assessment

Understanding your attitude towards risk. We can then provide what we believe to be the correct advice.

Which Option is Best Suited For You

Learn About The Types Of Investment You Can Benifit From

Corporate Bonds

Property-backed securities with fixed returns

  Fixed income and returns

  Diversify between currencies

  Contracts made by professional lawyers

  Security assets professionally valued

Perfect for investors who want a hassle-free regular passive income

Property with Assured Returns

Properties managed by a professional management company

  Fixed returns from 5-15 years

  Property secured in the investor’s name

  Fixed returns for fixed period of time

  Added possibility of capital appreciation

Perfect for Investors Who Want to Own the Property

Equity (profit-share)

Participation in a development project with profit share opportunities

  Income and/or capital gain options

  No fixed investment terms

  Higher return opportunities

Perfect for investors who don’t need fixed regular income, but are interested in maximising profits


Frequently Asked Questions


How is my investment secured?

The majority of our standard investment products are secured by real estate assets.

Some investments are pure real estate in the sense that the investor owns the property outright, while other forms of investments use other people’s assets as collateral to secure loans etc.

In the later, the assets are professionaly valued and the loans are only taken out at a safe and reasonable loan to value.


Do I need to come in person to make investment?

If you are investing in real estate with a view to taking posession at a later stage then a visit to the area and the project would be desired by most investors.

If opting for other style of investment, then a visit is not usually necessary as the due dilligence has already been carried out by our team and the investments are structured by professional and reputable companies.

All information is presented to be able to make a confident decision. This can be processed online or of course you are welcome to visit us in person at our offices if you prefer.


If I invest in a Regular Return product, what happens if my monthly payments stop?

Investors in a regular return investment have their investment secured against a tangible asset.

If the provider of the bond/loan note defaults, then the asset can be sold and the funds returned to the investor – exactly the same as a bank and a mortgage.

This is all set up with professional law firms as part of the investment structure.


Is my return taxable?

Most forms of income all over the world are subject to taxation.

The specific details of taxation will differ depending upon your country of residence for tax purposes, your personal investment and income situation, and of course the structure and country where you invest.

We cannot give a standard ‘one size fits all’ answer and suggest you to consult personal tax advise specific to your chosen investment.

Real Investors, Real Feedback

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Starting with a small investment as a test, I have now established long term working relations with ETA. I consider their service both reliable and professional and would definitely recommend this company as a long-term partner.

Yasufumi Fukunaga


Thinking about my pension I have chosen long term investments in managed properties with assured regular returns. I am fully satisfied with ETA services – I was assigned Ruslan as my personal consultant and completely vouch for their professionalism and responsiveness

Alexandre Khlopkov


I am representing a few business groups in India. Together with Emerging Trends Advisors we have participated in a number of investment projects in Thailand, India and Cambodia. ETA is a trustworthy partner with a team of experienced devoted professionals aiming for a long-term relationship. I strongly recommend them for personal and business investments. Mr. Singh